Dubrovnik Old Town

Why Fans of Game Of Thrones Should Visit Dubrovnik

Even if you don’t initially recognize the name, city of Dubrovnik in Croatia holds a special place for the fans of massively popular TV show Game Of Thrones. With the show being based in fantasy world, one would think that much of the locations and imagery are computer-generated, but that’s not entirely true. Producers of this amazing show have made a smart decision to search … Continue reading Why Fans of Game Of Thrones Should Visit Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, the Great Adriatic Pearl

Dubrovnik, commonly referred to as „The Pearl of the Adriatic“ is a coastal town off the coast of Croatia. It is an ancient town with important gothic and renaissance architecture and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. As Irish writer, Bernard Shaw once said you couldn’t say you have been to heaven if you have not been to Dubrovnik. As an international … Continue reading Dubrovnik, the Great Adriatic Pearl

Pearls Of The Mediterranean

Mediterranean – the cradle of Western civilization. From ancient Egyptian coastal towns near the estuary of Nile and Greek colonies scattered all over the coast to medieval walled cities and independent city-states that rose to a level of colonial powers and finally to modern ports that direct complex but interlinked system of naval transport and trade combined with beautiful resorts for tourists and Meccas for … Continue reading Pearls Of The Mediterranean

Living in Croatia – Paradise for Sun Seekers

Croatia is a country located across Italy. It is also known as republic of Croatia. This place is renowned for its excellent climate, natural sceneries and its close proximity to the Mediterranean. It is becoming a hot spot for tourist, retired people and investors as well. People looking for a quiet place seek solace over here. So if you are also considering the option of … Continue reading Living in Croatia – Paradise for Sun Seekers


Ever Heard of Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik, Croatia… Sounds exotic, doesn’t it? This ancient city represents the best aspects of Eastern Europe as a bustling modern metropolis interspersed with quaint throwbacks to a way of life that is now buried in the past elsewhere on the planet. Dubrovnik’s complex city wall is especially spellbinding, as a result of which it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. Inside the city … Continue reading Ever Heard of Dubrovnik?