How Drunk Driving Affects Your Career

Let’s face it. We all make mistakes, and in many ways these mistakes provide valuable lessons that shape us and make us better people. Unfortunately, some mistakes can follow us for a lifetime. If you choose to drink and drive, getting caught by law enforcement means there’s a very good chance this mistake will follow you on your permanent record. There are various ways in … Continue reading How Drunk Driving Affects Your Career

Album Review: ‘Ciara’

ciaraReleased: July 9th 2013

Label: Epic

Purchase: Amazon | iTunes

Rating: 4/5

I truly enjoyed Ciara’s debut and sophomore albums but to be honest I went to sleep on her previous two. But now, her fifth studio album definitely has me wanting to pay attention to her music again.Β The self titled fifth album has concepts swaying from sex, love, being bold, and having fun. It’s actually quite tolerable as rudiments used aren’t all in your face and vulgar. Ciara does a rather classy job bringing forth tracks otherwise deemed as raunchy, and soars satisfyingly on more laid back mellow songs. There’s also some experimenting going on, with the presence of reggae, dance, a little bit of rock, and some electro pop even. A track by track will give you a better idea of how I’m feeling towards the album: Continue reading “Album Review: ‘Ciara’”