Tove Lo Releases “Timebomb” MV

Fresh off the success of her platinum-selling single “Talking Body“, talented artist Tove Lo has unveiled the music video for her follow-up “Timebomb.” Aside from the raw and relatable lyrics, the best thing about the video’s concept is how it portrays a variety of relationships. Love has no boundaries. It isn’t limited to race or gender. Check it out below and tell us what you … Continue reading Tove Lo Releases “Timebomb” MV

Super Junior Returns “Sexy, Free & Single”

Kpop’s super group (well not exactly unless you classify a group with more than 6 members to be super like me) Super Junior, has returned with their 6th album  “Sexy, Free & Single.” I like the song and the video, but there wasn’t much of a concept to it, mostly just good dancing and camera tricks. As for the song itself, its like a rip … Continue reading Super Junior Returns “Sexy, Free & Single”

I wish to “Remain Nameless”

Florence + The Machine had this really addictive track on the deluxe version of their “Ceremonials” album and I just had to post it here as the Song of the Day. Since hearing “Remain Nameless” for the very first time, I’ve been unable to forget or even stop listening to the song. It completely took over my soul and I’m not sure I want it to go away. This is a sensual and passionate track; a little more on the urban, electropop side but this band is experimental so nothing surprises me. Listen and enjoy, then continue to see my interpretation: Continue reading “I wish to “Remain Nameless””

[Review] Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”

Born This Way

Lady Gaga was “Born This Way”. The dance/pop artist became well known for her public theatrics and controversial lyrics since her debut in the music industry, so chances of her taking it down a notch are highly unexpectable on this new record and people shouldn’t be surprised. Let’s just say I would never play this album around my parents because there’s no such thing as discrete on “Born This Way”. Gaga keeps it freaky and raw, and will forevermore remain unapologetic for expressing music in her own unique way.  I’m not too big on every single song on the album but there were a few that could receive a passing grade. Continue reading “[Review] Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way””

Who is Priscilla Renea?


Priscilla Renea is the artist who “disliked the music she heard on the radio and decided to write her own.” She’s most notable these days for being the co-writer on Rihanna‘s hit “California King Bed” and “Who Says” by Selena Gomez. Priscilla developed a large following on YouTube after uploading videos showcasing her powerful vocal ability and guitar skills, from the relaxing stage of her bedroom. Her raw talent grabbed the attention of Capitol Records executives. She signed a record deal with the label in 2009 and headed straight to the studio to begin recording her debut album. Continue reading “Who is Priscilla Renea?”