Be the Change: Letter from the Editor

Today’s prompt is an interesting one because I’ve been questioning myself as to how to make EY more interesting and more appealing to readers. I wouldn’t call it a big change, but I’d like to be as consistent in posting as often as I did in the beginning. Other responsibilities got in the way and I wasn’t balancing my time right; hence, EY suffered a bit … Continue reading Be the Change: Letter from the Editor

54 Interviews, Again! Hehehehehehehehe!!

This is a post dedicated entirely to promoting, our sister site 54interviews endeavors, again. To be quite honest, she has been treated like a step child for so long, it’s time she got her deserved shine. 

 A little bit of history, will help eh, diffuse (?) confusion as to who, what, where, did what (JK, I see you!). Continue reading “54 Interviews, Again! Hehehehehehehehe!!”

Bus Chronicles: Staring Disease

Hey wassup folks! Missed ya’ll. Hope everyone is doing mighty well. Matter of fact, why don’t you guys drop your twitter handles at the comment section. We want to interact with our fans on a more personal level, twitter is where it’s at!  Nyhoo, Your resident Ms.Ey was at the bus stop yesterday around 10.00p.m. It was a long day and I was too tired … Continue reading Bus Chronicles: Staring Disease

Love Blogging? Then Join EY!

Are you an aspiring writer, blogger, lover of the arts, travel, etc? Do you like our site and what it stands for? Then why not join our team; enhance your skills and have fun while doing it. EMBRACE YOU is a multicultural site and we’re always looking to add creative and enthusiastic individuals from around the globe in hopes of helping us to expand our market and becoming further established. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what language you speak, all you need is an open mind to see things from the perspective of others apart from yourself. 

EY’s looking for highly motivated individuals to fill the following positions: Continue reading “Love Blogging? Then Join EY!”

Happy Holidays from EY!

On behalf of the team I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! 2011 was a really good year, right? EY celebrated its first anniversary and many things have taken place behind the scenes. We’re very thankful for our global readers who have supported us thus far and hopefully will continue to do just that in the new year. We … Continue reading Happy Holidays from EY!

54 Rebirth

HULLLOOOOO!!!! Our sister site, 54interviews has undergone a makeover. She got her nails did, her hair done, a nose job, a boobie one too. She fooooooine!  Check her out, subscribe,  join her facebook page, twitter stalk her…She needs your love! She is very lonely. Ain’t nobody showing her looooove. 😦  She’s all about the positive vibrations of the motherland.  Continue reading 54 Rebirth

Psst! Spare us a few seconds…

  EMBRACE YOU is all about satisfying our global readers. We’re currently working on a site revamp and your contribution is highly important for this to take place. All we’re asking for is just a few seconds of your time to complete the following FORM, so we’ll know exactly how to develop a more interesting website for you, the readers. We sincerely appreciate your continuous … Continue reading Psst! Spare us a few seconds…

Immigration Untitled.

Immigration has to be the most contentious topic of discussion in America. It ends up being like the bus chronicles. On one hand, filled with crazies who have nothing but vitriol to spew, conversely intellectuals who think they know best.  People literally squirm in their seats, and fart while at it so you best have one of  this to aerate the chair. It’s that serious!

Continue reading “Immigration Untitled.”

Spiritually religious

Spirituality and religion are two terms often used interchangeably to mean the same. However, there are remarkable differences between these two.  To distinguish the two, a simple search on google will bring you a comprehensive list of sites offering their take on the right definition.

Continue reading “Spiritually religious”

Let loose, live and just be

We live in a world full of societal expectations, which sometimes hinder us from living life, letting lose and just being. Every detail of our lives is scrutinized one way or the other. Media outlets, individuals, religious leaders, just about everybody minus newborns has an opinion about how we should be. 

In the midst of trying to keep up with the Kardashians, I mean societal guidelines handed down to us, we forget about ourselves.  Pleasing our friends, co-workers, family and enemies alike becomes a daily part of our life’s routine.

Though not intentional, seemingly by default through a learned process of being part of society, we don’t expend the joys of living life on earth to their maximum potential. Instead of  getting a french manicure that is polished and oh so classy, go for a bright nail polish that will blind peoples eyes. Continue reading “Let loose, live and just be”

EmbraceOneDollar Campaign

Embrace You has joined Charity: Water ( to provide a woman and her family (let’s call her Mariam) in a remote village in Africa with clean water. Charity:Water is a project founded by Scott Harrison to provide water to developing communities around the world. 

Our involvement with this particular project was borne out of the need of wanting to make our footprints on a global issue that truly means something to us. Clean water is a basic necessity that every human being should have access to. There were four main ways of getting involved, which included, volunteering, getting your school involved, signing up for email updates, and what we ultimately chose. FUNDRAISING.

We have started the “EmbraceOneDollar” campaign:  in which we ask for your generous and kind donations of *drum roll* only $1 to meet our $1,000 fundraising goal which ends on July 17,2011. You will be contributing directly to Charity:Water and NOT Embrace You. Rest assured your $1 donation will not be misappropriated! We have 76 days left to accomplish our goal. Help us achieve it! Continue reading “EmbraceOneDollar Campaign”

We bleed black and gold

Here at Embrace You, we are currently in need of a doctor as we are seriously heomarraghing that black and gold blood!  Well at least I am. Don’t know if Kai is as unhealthy as I am right now. You know what it is black and yellow, black and yellow!!!!!! Steelers baby. All day erryday * Oh shit,just checked the score and ummmm….yeah kinda having heart … Continue reading We bleed black and gold


We are looking for promotional reps from the following places:

  • Asia
  • Africa
  • The Carribean
  • The Americas
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Europe

EMBRACE YOU is growing fast!! This is our 2nd month in business, and we have over 2,000 views. That is an indication of content interest from our viewers on a global level.  We want to make EMBRACE YOU a global brand of high repute; therefore we need DEDICATED promo reps to assist us in this!