Book Review – ‘Belles’ by Jen Calonita

Izzy’s dealing with a lot but she’s comfortable with her life in Harborside Beach, North Carolina. In balancing her time between working as a lifeguard, being on the swim team, and sorting out her ‘friendship’ with Brayden, she’s also taking care of her grandmother. All this juggling comes to an end when grams along with their social worker locates a long-lost “uncle” nearby, who’s willing to provide a home for the 15 year old. Surely, it wouldn’t have come down to leaving the only home she already knew but upon coming to terms with her illness, grams had to make arrangements for herself and Izzy while she still could.

Isabelle is now placed in a situation where she has to adjust to a new life, new family, and new drama. Things get even more confusing for the teen after learning a secret that makes her question everything she knew before. 

Jen Calonita is an admirably clever storyteller; Belles delivers a fantastic and compelling plot fit for any daytime soap. There’s romance, manipulation, backstabbing, and all the juicy stuff you can think of blended well in the good ol southern atmosphere. This is a must-read if you’d like to be entertained. Continue reading “Book Review – ‘Belles’ by Jen Calonita”