Enrique Iglesias has revealed his latest single titled “I Like How It Feels” featuring Pitbull & The Wav.S (I have no idea who that is). I like the song and how energetic it is; definitely wakes you up to start the dayΒ rejuvenated. Anyways, check out the song and tell us what you think. Continue reading SOD Up!

[Review] Enrique Iglesias’ “Ayer”

Enrique Iglesias has always been a passionate singer and songwriter. His songs are ever so emotionally driven, seductive, intense, and other descriptions that could be too inappropriate and i’m unable to list in this post. His latest release is no different; “Ayer“, literally translated to “Yesterday“, is a deep but sexy single all at once. The lyrics tell the story of a love that used to be, is still present, but both are no longer together. Enrique is letting her know that despite whatever took place, he will always be there no matter what.Β  Continue reading “[Review] Enrique Iglesias’ “Ayer””

Enrique’s “Loving You Tonight”

Enrique Iglesias‘ latest music video for “Tonight (I’m Loving You)” featuring Ludacris has been released for a few days now, but it’s still quite the hot number; not because the song is catchy, but because Enrique is one sexy hunk. This latino prince has got my eyes peeled on him right throughout the video. I didn’t pay attention to anything else up in there.

If you haven’t see the music video, I wish you would. So let me just stop for now and tell you to check it out for yourself below:

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