Jin Akanishi’s “Eternal” MV

Jpop star Jin Akanishi has unveiled the music video for his latest “Eternal“. The video definitely plays on the sad feel of the song and I like it, but for some reason I get the urge to cry while listening and especially while watching. Anyways, it’s a beautiful song and plain (but lovely all the same) music video. Check it out and tell us what … Continue reading Jin Akanishi’s “Eternal” MV

Jin Akanishi’s “Eternal”: Hot or Flop?

Jpop artist Jin Akanishi will be releasing his new single “Eternal” on March 2, 2011, however the full audio has been unveiled online. Personally I like the song. It’s very soft and comes off quite emotional; though I can’t understand a word, I still feel captivated by the lyrics. What do you think. Hot or flop? Vote below: Continue reading Jin Akanishi’s “Eternal”: Hot or Flop?