[Exclusive] Author Yasmeen Patterson is “Busy, But Still Cooking for Bae”

Yasmeen Patterson is a new author making her mark in the book world with the exciting debut ‘I’m Busy, But I’m Still Cooking for Bae’, and trust me when I say you’re in for quite a delicious and satisfying treat. Once you’ve read Yasmeen’s sexy release, you’ll agree that she’s bound to become a “household name when discussing cookbooks and erotic books.” The author spared some … Continue reading [Exclusive] Author Yasmeen Patterson is “Busy, But Still Cooking for Bae”

[Exclusive] Interview with Danny Broadway

Whether or not you’re into the arts, I’m sure you can still appreciate the effort and intricate use of color to create something thought-provoking. Danny Broadway is such an artist, one who paints from his spirit and life experiences.  There’s something about his work that pulls you in, and I felt it immediately after spotting one of his pieces online. It’s a pleasure to have Mr. … Continue reading [Exclusive] Interview with Danny Broadway

[Exclusive] Interview with ‘The Neighbourhood’

If you haven’t heard the songs Female Robbery or Sweater Weather, then you probably haven’t discovered the addictive music of California-based band The Neighbourhood. Formed two years ago, the band is consisted of Jesse Rutherford on vocals, Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels on guitars, Mike Margott on bass, and Bryan Sammis on drums. All working collectively to create the amazing sounds of “Dark Pop”. The Neighbourhood will be going on tour this summer to bring their incomparable music to willing listeners. But before that, drummer Bryan took some time to grant us an exclusive interview. 

Check out the music video for Female Robbery and continue below to discover awesomeness: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with ‘The Neighbourhood’”

[Exclusive] Meg Myers Gives Us “Heart”

Whoa! Who is the singer behind such emotionally driven vocals? That was the question I asked the first time I heard the song “Heart Heart Head“. I find it a bit sad that I’m only now discovering this musician but I’m most certainly happy that I did. Meg Myers has three things I listen out for in music: truth, passion, and heart. She has the … Continue reading [Exclusive] Meg Myers Gives Us “Heart”