FitStar: A Great Way to Get Active

Being that I’m somewhat of an addict when it comes to Fitbit, I’ve often come across notifications about FitStar but never really checked it out. Well, I’ve finally decided to give the app a try and low and behold, it turned out to be a great decision because I think I may have found my next addiction. The FitStar app gives you the option of selecting an expert trainer, … Continue reading FitStar: A Great Way to Get Active

Try Fitness Blender

Have you ever heard about Fitness Blender? Well, I’ve only discovered their channel four months ago and let me tell you, their workouts are amazing! Fitness Blender is made up of husband and wife duo, Daniel and Kelli, and together they’ve created over 500 videos to help you burn and build strength; both low and high intensity, catering to every individual. Whether you’re a beginner … Continue reading Try Fitness Blender

7 Recreational Sports For Good Health And Fitness

All sports get you off the couch and work your body. However there are some that are particularly great for fitness, giving you your daily dose of cardio, getting your heart rate up, strengthening your heart muscles and body and keeping illnesses at bay. But you don’t have to be a national champion or a member of a professional team to be able to reap … Continue reading 7 Recreational Sports For Good Health And Fitness

I’m In Love With Soup!

So, while browsing the web for different types of soup dishes I came across a few sites (including catering services) offering a wide variety not only healthy, but also delicioso.  I know you’re probably thinking, “Soup? During the warm weather?” But come on now, it’s almost that time of year. Anyways, check out my findings and click on the images for how to get them … Continue reading I’m In Love With Soup!