Dermot Kennedy Unveils “For Island Fires and Family” MV

Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter DERMOT KENNEDY has released the music video for his provocative track ‘For Island Fires and Family’. The song is part of a collection of his current back catalogue of music and available now to stream in full – The collection precedes Kennedy’s debut album which is set for release later this year. Check out the video below: Dermot has a very exciting year ahead of … Continue reading Dermot Kennedy Unveils “For Island Fires and Family” MV

Discover Bryan McPherson in ’10’

Los-Angeles based, Boston-bred folk-punk troubadour Bryan McPherson is set to release his third album, the dynamic Wedgewood via O.F.D. Records on June 10th.  Melding Americana, folk, alternative, and punk into one incendiary, incisive sound, Bryan pays homage to influences such as Bob Dylan, The Sex Pistols, The Violent Femmes, Bruce Springsteen and Ani DiFranco. The record boasts unforgettable hooks, soaring melodies and powerful stories. Check out his short and … Continue reading Discover Bryan McPherson in ’10’

Villafan in ’10’

Los Angeles based artist Villafan is next to take on our traditional ‘1o quickies’. Not familiar with the name? Well, you should be. His soulful voice is a reminder of how music should make you feel from the inside out. Songs that are not only timeless but touches the heart. I literally get chills when I listen to Villafan and I highly recommend downloading his … Continue reading Villafan in ’10’

Album Review: “Hear Me Out” by Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles‘ latest EP has been out for a while now, but I still wanted to do a review because after recently listening to all five songs, I’m without a doubt in love with the record. With a mixtue of rock, pop, and folk, you can tell there’s something very personal in each track.  Hear Me Out opens up the EP on an energetic note, emphasizing … Continue reading Album Review: “Hear Me Out” by Sarah Miles

Album Review: “Extraordinary Light” by Ben Fields

If you’re looking for music that’s different, not in  the least bit generic and enforces you to listen to the words and think, then Ben Fields is the artist for you. His debut album, Extraordinary Light, features acclaimed songwriters and producers bringing forth a mixture of sound that stems from bluesy melodies to soulful renditions. You can’t help flash back to the musical styling of The … Continue reading Album Review: “Extraordinary Light” by Ben Fields

Album Review: ‘One’ by Sarah Miles

onesarahRelease Date: July 16th 2013

Label: Rock Ridge Music

Purchase: iTunes | Amazon

Rating: 5/5

This album was provided in digital format in exchange for an honest review but that does not influence my opinion at all.

Had to state that before going any further because I sincerely enjoyed the debut album of Sarah Miles. Packed with a combination of country, folk, pop, acoustic, and soft rock songs, One is like a soothing soundtrack to the warm summer days and the bitter-sweetness of relationships and life. I cannot express enough how absorbing and easy to love these songs are, and I feel my review may not truly interpret the greatness of the album. But go on this journey with me as I give you a break down of my reaction to every single track: Continue reading “Album Review: ‘One’ by Sarah Miles”

Wild Belle’s “Keep You”

I’ve come across unsettling comments in regards to Wild Belle‘s music video  for Keep You, which depicts a little boy having a relationship with grown women. I mean, I get it but then there are some very disturbed and even classified the video as encouraging pedophilia. Here’s my take on the viral: there’s a young boy because the man is obviously behaving like a child. The message is clear. He needs to grow up and stop acting so childish. Anyways, I like the song and the video for its location. Check it out if you haven’t yet and tell us what you think about the concept. Continue reading “Wild Belle’s “Keep You””

[Exclusive] Alison Sudol on her musical ‘Frenzy’ & life of ‘Pines’

If you’re rubbing your head vigorously to the name Alison Sudol then perhaps A Fine Frenzy will sound more familiar. That is in fact the stage name for the California native singer and songwriter. It’s been nearly three years since the literature inspired and eccentric vocalist released an album, but with Pines I believe the anticipation has been eased. Described as an artist who’s always … Continue reading [Exclusive] Alison Sudol on her musical ‘Frenzy’ & life of ‘Pines’

Introducing Meklit Hadero

Who is Meklit Hadero? She’s a stunning beauty, a lover of the arts, a songwriter, and a soulful singer. This talented lady is widely influenced by jazz, hip hop, soul, r&b, folk music, to the traditional sounds from her East African home of Ethiopia. Her unique musical style has no limits. Meklit continues to evolve as an artist taking inspiration from any and everything. Continue reading “Introducing Meklit Hadero”

[Exclusive] Suzi Oravec’s giving you her “heart and soul”

I recently came across a rare find. Suzi Oravec immediately caught my attention with her melting voice and intense song lyrics. This Ohio native is driven to achieve what she’s been working hard at for so long, to sing and write the kind of music that resonates in the hearts of listeners. Suzi has recently released her debut album “Love and Lies“, which she describes as the story of her life. Each track is relatable, fresh, soulful, and absolutely beautiful. This talented young lady is truly on the right path to global stardom so be sure to keep an eye out for her.

Suzi took the time for an exclusive interview with us and if you read on I can assure you that you’ll be enlightened by her answers. Just before that, please take a listen to one of the tracks off her album titled “Crazy: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Suzi Oravec’s giving you her “heart and soul””

Suzi takes ’10’




Suzi Oravec enjoys making music and sharing it with everyone. The rising star seeks out every opportunity that will enable her to shine and take her talent to every corner of the world. The singer peeked the interest of EY and we just had to find out more. With that, Suzi became our next star to take on the traditional ’10 quickies’ so check out her answers below and be sure to read our exclusive interview with this gifted young woman.

Continue reading “Suzi takes ’10’”

Spotlight – Chihiro Onitsuka

Meet Chihiro Onitsuka, a Japanese folk/rock singer and songwriter. Chihiro gained popularity in Japan for the hit “Gekkou” in 2000. Since her breakthrough, Onitsuka has had a successful career, and has become one of the most popular Japanese female vocalist. She has released a total of 17 singles, 5 studio albums, 6 DVDs, and 3 compilations.

Chihiro was encouraged to listen to western music by her parents at a young age; she became Continue reading “Spotlight – Chihiro Onitsuka”

[New Release] The Decemberists

The King Is DeadGet the newest release from The Decemberists available in stores and online today. The indie folk rock band stated that their sixth studio album “The King is Dead“, is more influenced by blues prior to their other releases.

The King is Dead” will include the singles “Down by the Water” and “January Hymn“, along with eight other songs so be sure to support the band and purchase their new album.

Check out the song “Down by the Water” below: Continue reading “[New Release] The Decemberists”