Baked Falafel? Never Had That Before.

Just found this recipe on, which means it’s on the healthy side so do give it a try if you’re trying to eat healthier. I know I will. Click the image or here for the easy recipe.   Credit: chowvegan Continue reading Baked Falafel? Never Had That Before.

I’m In Love With Soup!

So, while browsing the web for different types of soup dishes I came across a few sites (including catering services) offering a wide variety not only healthy, but also delicioso.  I know you’re probably thinking, “Soup? During the warm weather?” But come on now, it’s almost that time of year. Anyways, check out my findings and click on the images for how to get them … Continue reading I’m In Love With Soup!

Silence Please, I’m Eating!

Never really thought about this before but if a restaurant was going to name something in their menu after me, it’d be Silent but Deadly Delicious muah-haha 🙂 Seriously, who doesn’t love a good mouth watering cuisine that makes you go completely quiet just basking in its juicy and incredible taste?  My example of a Silent but Deadly Delicious meal is Rice & Peas, with … Continue reading Silence Please, I’m Eating!