Congrats to France on World Cup Win!

To be completely honest, I lost interest in World Cup after Brazil’s knockout. The only countries that remained were all European. None from this side of the world. In the end, I wasn’t rooting for anyone in particular but I still want to congratulate France on their win. This is their second time winning the World Cup. Good for them. Well-deserved.   Credit: google   Continue reading Congrats to France on World Cup Win!

Do you know Luxembourg?

So, I caught a little bit of some tennis the other day and saw there was a player from Luxembourg. Don’t laugh, but I wrinkled my forehead trying to remember if I’d ever heard of the country before. And its true, I haven’t. So of course I googled everything Luxembourg, from the culture, to the food, to their royalties. Check out my findings: Henri Désiré … Continue reading Do you know Luxembourg?

Green Tea by Odélie Chan

I absolutely adore Odélie Chan‘s jewelry and just had to showcase the latest in her collection.

“After winter must come Spring, it’s time for Green tea, a little project only made of unique pieces just before the next collection, Enjoy!
Après l’hiver vient le printemps, il est l’heure de savourer son thé vert,un petit projet de pièces uniques juste avant la prochaine collection.Savourez!” 

See the pieces up close: Continue reading “Green Tea by Odélie Chan”

Ever heard of Guernsey?

Well, I haven’t, not until today. Guernsey, pronounced gurn-zee (thank you Wikipedia) is a British Crown dependency in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy. There’s a bunch of history that goes into this place that I’m sure many of you will be interested in. So, I’ll just leave some links at the end of the post you can check out when you have time because I don’t. Now, indulge yourselves in the sheer beauty of Guernsey: Continue reading “Ever heard of Guernsey?”

It’s Madonna, Always Expect Some Controversy

Madonna is globally known as the queen of pop, but something else she takes the crown for is controversy. So, during a recent stop in Paris on her tour the pop icon flashed her nipple and posterior to the audience. No big deal, right. I mean we’re all pretty much used to her showing something now and then. What no one anticipated was Madonna showing … Continue reading It’s Madonna, Always Expect Some Controversy

Street Style face-off: Vintage Fashionistas

   Lauratenshi’s wearing a polka dot turquoise Blue OASAP Dress with matching shoes and a Marilyn Monroe purse. Angeliquec’s wearing a aquamarine thrifted vintage cardigan, an off white skirt, black primark top, black primark heels, and brown Zara belt. AnnikaVictoria in a camel high waist circle skirt, crimson pleated sheer red tie front blouse, black leaf patterned stockings, ruby red heels, and a red satchel bag. Continue reading Street Style face-off: Vintage Fashionistas

FW Special: Louis Vuitton’s Paris Show

Check out Louis Vuitton’s fall 2011 runway show from Paris Fashion Week below.  See-through and transparent clothes populated the runway, as did pieces fashioned from plastic and rubber. Rich accessories topped off the looks, with bags covered in everything from gold to faux fur. Even the shoes looked subversively sexy, as super-high heels stomped across the runway. The show’s cast also featured some of the biggest supermodels, including Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Amber Valetta. At the end, Louis Vuitton’s designer Marc Jacobs rose from beneath the runway and stepped off an elevator custom built for the show.

Louis Vuitton fall fashion show Louis Vuitton fall fashion show

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Christina Goh’s 10 Quickies

Christina Goh is a French singer, songwriter and poetress. The daughter of an Ivorian father, and a mother from Martinique, Christina started to pursue music at the age of 23. Her musical concept is a mixture of Afro, Rock-Blues and French music; Christina is quite an artistic individual, who allows her poetry to flow naturally into her sound.

Be sure to read her interview with EMBRACE YOU, and check out her ’10 quickie’ responses below:

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Kayna Samet’s “Yema”

The beautiful and talented French singing sensation Kayna Samet, has released the music video for her latest single ‘Yema‘. The song will be included on her upcoming album “Jeunes & Libres (Young & Free)”, to be released on April 11, 2011 (a bit far but oh well).

Though a French song, you can still feel Kayna’s passion pulling you in with every note she sings. The middle eastern melodies are also well harmonized by the featured artist Indila.

Check out the music video, and the English translation below to see exactly what I’m talking about:

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NARS Cosmetics

NARS is known around the world for irrevent chic and audacious creativity. Francois Nars, the french creator of this cosmetic enterprise, has the uncoventional philosophy of beauty which celebrates the originality, independent spirit and fearless self-expression of women.

Shop for the latest NARS products this holiday season. From make-up, skin treatment, and beauty accessories being used by renown stylists in the industry.

 Mélusine from NARS  Sex Appeal from NARS

 Pokerface from NARS  Bad Influence from NARS

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Spotlight – Jena Lee

Meet Jena Lee, a French r&b emo/pop singer and songwriter. Sylvia Garcia was born on July 27, 1987 in Chile, and was adopted by French parents as a baby. She acquired a passion for music at the young age of four. Sylvia decided on Jena Lee as her stage name, and recorded her songs on a tape recorder.

Sulee B Wax was interested in Jena’s music, and decided to meet up with her in 2007. Sulee asked Jena to write instrumentals for the fourth season of Popstars; in return, she wrote six of the thirteen songs that were included on Sheryfa Luna‘s album. Following her amazing work on Sheryfa’s album, she received requests from other artists and musical theatres.

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Meet Alafia, aka THE QUEEN OF TRAVEL.  She is only 23 years old, and is living a jet-setter’s lifestyle. After attaining her undergraduate degree, she moved halfway-across the world to live and teach in Japan. Prior to that, she had lived in Germany and visited the Carribean country of the Dominican Republic. Let this interview serve as inspiration to travel beyond the borders of your country. Read on for more scoop on the Queen of Travel!

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