Etana’s “expressing herself freely”.

More than just an artist. How could one truly describe Etana, Jamaican born reggae singer and songwriter, without mentioning the deep and heartfelt words depicted within her music, which she describes as “raw soul reggae”. Love, hurt, societal issues, you name it, there’s something everyone can relate to in her songs.

Etana broke into the music scene with her 2006 hit song ‘Wrong Address‘, which led to the start of a successful career locally and internationally. However, Etana was never one to be fazed by popularity, ’til this day she remains true to herself and what she believes in.

Etana has completed the production of her highly anticipated second album ‘Free Expressions‘, which will be available on February 8, 2011; with the new record you can be assured to get pulled in by Etana’s never-ending creative songwriting skills and passion filled singing. So be sure to purchase the album on the day of its arrival. Need I say more.

Watch the lovely music video for her song ‘Happy Heart below, and definitely read the entire interview to find out more about ‘the Strong One: Continue reading “Etana’s “expressing herself freely”.”

’10’ Reasons Why Etana Rocks!

Etana is a soulful reggae singer and songwriter, with passionate and spirit-filled music that captivates her audience, and retains her presence in the music industry. Etana’s life experiences inspire her to create music that is truly timeless and without flaws.

From her own words “knowing that I have life empowers me”, you can sense the humility Etana possesses. It is this humbleness that enforces admiration from fellow artists and fans alike. Don’t you want to learn more about this sensational singer? Then read her 10 quick responses below: Continue reading “’10’ Reasons Why Etana Rocks!”