My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

As hilarious as the title is, this is actually quite a serious issue in some relationships. I recently read on my newest obsession the Jamaica Star website about a guy having trouble coping in a relationship with the girl he likes not wanting to kiss him. After composing myself from the kind of laughter that gives you a tummy ache, I had a sudden flashback … Continue reading My Girlfriend Doesn’t Like Kissing

Why is there 48 members in a group?

I’ve been hearing a lot about a Japanese pop group called ‘AKB48‘. This is an all female idol group that has their own theater in a Tokyo district called Akihabara, which their name is shortened for. To my understanding they’re divided into three sub-groups, Team A, Team B, and Team K; each consisting of 16 members.

AKB48 has recently been entered into the ‘Guiness Book of Records‘ for having the most members, which is great, but I’ve been thinking to myself, ‘how much can one member make when the profit is divided among 48?’ and so I came up with a bunch of answers to that: Continue reading “Why is there 48 members in a group?”