Chiddy Bang MIND YOUR MANNERS EP Exclusively Available on the iTunes Store

Chiddy Bang MIND YOUR MANNERS EP Exclusively Available on the iTunes Store; Includes “Mind Your Manners” Official Remix Featuring Travie McCoy.  Hip Hop Duo Continue to Heat Up The Summer on West Coast Tour With FUN.  “They’ve made the most exciting debut of 2012 so far. Breakfast is such an original album, it’s coined a new term for swag: Call it swelly.” – Entertainment Weekly “…brims with infectious … Continue reading Chiddy Bang MIND YOUR MANNERS EP Exclusively Available on the iTunes Store

“I love you, but you’re a lunachic”

I’ve noticed that in today’s society, most men tend to get involved with crazy women. Why is that so? Is it that they like all the drama of these “lunachics”? I think so. Maybe they’re trying to feed the male ego by dating these kind of girls; they often depict themselves as the hero, saving a damsel in distress, or someone to “fix” things. Note to the men doing this kind of thing, a relationship is not a house.

I think it also has something to do with the fact that men want a crazy chick in bed. So they’re probably thinking, if she’s crazy day-to-day then she must be in bed also. Some guys are looking for that adrenaline. Having a crazy girlfriend can bring lots of drama but somehow it makes them feel excited and alive. She’s bringing the “party” into his dull and boring life. Interesting!

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‘Tis The Season To Be…Lonely?

When the Christmas season comes around, many are feeling super jolly; spending time with their loved ones, having family gatherings, etc. Unlike those happy go lucky people, there are some (like muah) who feel lonely around this time of the year, especially when you have no one to cuddle with to keep warm in the cold winter.

You’re probably thinking, how can you be lonely when you’re with family, but sometimes people are looking for love, comfort, and joy, especially around that time; chances are you’ll feel jealous when you see other couples getting all lovey dovey and you have no one to do that with.

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