Music That Makes You Shiver: Róisín O

Just in, Róisín O, Irish singer-songwriter, will be unveiling the music video for her latest ‘Hold On’.  According to a press release via the singer’s management, the video is directed and edited by Simon Eustace, and features Aaron Heffernan (Love/Hate), Mirjana Rendulic, Geraldine McAlinden & Colin Condon. Talking about Hold On, Róisín O explains:  “Sometimes our minds take us to dark places and it gets hard to … Continue reading Music That Makes You Shiver: Róisín O

Do you know Luxembourg?

So, I caught a little bit of some tennis the other day and saw there was a player from Luxembourg. Don’t laugh, but I wrinkled my forehead trying to remember if I’d ever heard of the country before. And its true, I haven’t. So of course I googled everything Luxembourg, from the culture, to the food, to their royalties. Check out my findings: Henri Désiré … Continue reading Do you know Luxembourg?

For Thought: Giant woman in water?

Boats gather around a sculpture of a mermaid at the 'Alster' lake in Hamburg

I just glimpsed over an interesting find on the internet today. At first I found this to be quite creepy, as people were gathered around in boats taking pictures and being fascinated by this work of art, but it appears to be a giant statue of a woman (mermaid) in the Alster lake in Hamburg, Germany. The four meter high sculpture was made by Oliver Voss and it will be in the water for spectators until August 12. Without reading the news article and by simply viewing the pics, I was given the impression of a woman skinny dipping. Not your average object to find in a lake, and I would certainly not want to be near it at nights taking pics. But that’s just me. Anyways, check out the pics below and prepared to be dazzled by this fine work of art. Continue reading “For Thought: Giant woman in water?”


Meet Alafia, aka THE QUEEN OF TRAVEL.  She is only 23 years old, and is living a jet-setter’s lifestyle. After attaining her undergraduate degree, she moved halfway-across the world to live and teach in Japan. Prior to that, she had lived in Germany and visited the Carribean country of the Dominican Republic. Let this interview serve as inspiration to travel beyond the borders of your country. Read on for more scoop on the Queen of Travel!

Continue reading “ALAFIA – THE QUEEN OF TRAVEL”