’10 Quickies’ with Royce Lovett

Have you listened to Love & Other Dreams by Royce Lovett? Well, if not, you’re certainly missing out on a mind-blowing experience that his wonderful music has to offer. Hope you will give Royce a chance and check out his songs on iTunes, Amazon, or Google right after reading his short and cool answers to our traditional ’10 quickies’. Royce was nice enough to not … Continue reading ’10 Quickies’ with Royce Lovett

[Exclusive] Royce Lovett on His “Cerebral Soul” Music

Some voices have the capability of reaching your core, and Royce Lovett, without a doubt has that gift. The Florida native has recently dropped his Love & Other Dreams album, which I’ve found to be uplifting and rather refreshing, as appose to what we’re hearing on radio these days. And I’m excited to have been given the opportunity to interview the talented artist.Β Check out his … Continue reading [Exclusive] Royce Lovett on His “Cerebral Soul” Music