2014 Grammy Awards Red Carpet: Hits & Misses

I’ve been streaming the 56th Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet arrival and for the most part, I liked how the stars were dressed. Sure there were a few hmm along the way, but it’s interesting to see so many different styles at one event. Check out some of the fashion below, and tell us who’s your favorite: Credit: Yahoo/Rap-Up Continue reading 2014 Grammy Awards Red Carpet: Hits & Misses

Carolina Chocolate Drops

I remember having picked up one of those indie run, artsy publications and seeing the name Carolina Chocolate Drops. Β My initial reaction wasΒ Chocolate Chips Ahoy, just lost a loyal customer. Β On closer inspection, I found out that the name referred to an old time string band straight from good ol’ North Carolina, not a new chocolate chip cookie brand. Proceed on to learn what great underrated artistry sounds like. The Taylor Swift’s and Miley Cyrus’ of this world are just an over marketed lot.

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