most famous islands in europe

A Guide to the Most Famous Islands in Europe

Europe is the second-smallest continent in the world and third in population after Asia and Africa. It is described as the birthplace of the western culture thanks to the Ancient Greece and Rome empires. The ability to preserve its natural heritage has greatly added to conservation of the natural habitat ensuring that there is a natural feel and a connection to nature while visiting the … Continue reading A Guide to the Most Famous Islands in Europe

The Top 5 Destinations for Women Travelers

Solo travel is a great way to get in touch with your inner self and explore a destination on your own terms. Traveling alone however comes with its own set of risk factors, safety being the major one. Although you can get robbed (or worse) anywhere in the world, some countries tend to be safer than others. This is even more so for women vacationers … Continue reading The Top 5 Destinations for Women Travelers

[Exclusive] Interview with Christianna of metal band Elysion

Elysion is a greek band driven by metal elements fusing pop, rock, electro and alternative together. Their name is derived from the “Elysian fields” from Greek history, and is interpreted as “dreamy” or having a “romantic perspective of things”, as described by the band’s lead vocalist Christianna. This alluring songstress can rock out any stage she steps foot on. Her voice is like liquid flowing through your veins; once she’s started there’s no escaping her.

Elysion has peeked the interest of many with their debut album “Silent Scr3am” and are now hard at work developing new material for their follow-up. Amidst the band’s busy schedule, Christianna spared some time for EY to give us an exclusive interview. So, indulge yourself with the otherworldly song “Far From The Edge” and check out the interview with Elysion’s vocalist below:

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Christianna’s ’10 Quickies’

Β There’s nothing more lovely than a female vocalist in a metal band. And Christianna of Elysion provides evidence to that statement. This beautiful and talented singer has the ability to exhume so much emotion in the band’s music that it takes hold of their listeners hearts and fill up their souls with something so intense it’s beyond explanation. There are no words that I could … Continue reading Christianna’s ’10 Quickies’