[Exclusive] Anuhea on her career, and doing it all “For Love”

Fierce is an understatement. Powerful is somewhat close. However, when it comes to the multi-talented Anuhea, her style is what I describe as enigmatic. The Maui native has been pushing herself and breaking the mold since she had an epiphany pursuing her studies in something other than music. It’s always delightful to step outside the generic sounds of modern day beats, and this sassy lady has revived my interest in entertainment. Watch her islandish music video for “Higher Than The Cloudsbelow, purchase the new album on iTunes, and read on to learn more about this blooming songstress: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Anuhea on her career, and doing it all “For Love””

’10’ Reasons Why You’ll Love Anuhea

Anuhea is a Hawaiian born singer/songwriter mixing reggae, pop, hip hop and r&b, a touch of soul, and some sultry acoustic melodies that flow magnificently along with her voice. The self-taught guitarist has been inspired by a number of greats since a young age, but now its her time to make a name for herself in the industry and show the world what lies beneath her undeniable beauty. Anuhea is currently on tour promoting her new music, still she spared us a little time in doing an interview as well as our traditional ’10 quickies’. Check out her short but sweet answers below: Continue reading “’10’ Reasons Why You’ll Love Anuhea”

Postcard from Samoa

Found in the heart of the Pacific Ocean and half way between New Zealand and Hawaii, Samoa is an exotic location consisting of ten islands offering their own unique natural beauty and tranquility. Another place inspiring me even more to do some travelling. How do I begin to describe the luscious sceneries? It’s a spiritual feeling in a sense. Samoa relieves the mind of intensity and fills the soul with peace. From the fantasy like waterfalls, to the mysterious rainforests, the islands certainly have a lot to offer. I don’t think you can fill your cup on just one visit; it’ll definitely take several more trips to fully experience Samoa’s wonderful culture and all it has to offer.  Continue reading “Postcard from Samoa”