Breast Cancer Genes Don’t Impact Survival

Carrying a mutation in a breast cancer gene elevates your risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer but does it impact your likelihood of survival? For years, scientists have speculated that women who carry the breast cancer genes have poorer outcomes. A study published in the July 12, 2007 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine found similar death rates among carriers of mutations … Continue reading Breast Cancer Genes Don’t Impact Survival

Five Benefits of Drinking Through a Straw

Most sit-down restaurants provide drinking straws for their customers as a courtesy, and to prevent them from having to sip from the actual glasses. Though drinking straws are mainly offered for hygiene and convenience, there are some added benefits to using them on other occasions. Some are health related; others are linked to “safety.” The next time you take a drink, reconsider using a straw. … Continue reading Five Benefits of Drinking Through a Straw

Is Cosmetic Surgery Really Worth It?


Today, cosmetic surgery has never been as popular or even socially acceptable as it is now. With so many people wanting to go under the knife, it is hardly surprising that demand for treatments is booming. With literally hundreds of treatments available, ranging from things such as liposuction to non-surgical facelifts, procedures are becoming increasingly common for both men and women that are seeking aesthetic fixes.

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Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage is Better than Drugs in Healing Sore Muscles Following a study on the health benefits of massage therapy, Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky of McMaster University, Ontario, inferred that the therapy worked better and faster than anti-inflammatory drugs in the healing of sore muscles. The study, which was conducted on some youth following a strenuous physical exercise showed that muscles that were massaged after strenuous exercise, … Continue reading Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Simple Ways to Relax at Work

Truth be told, stress sucks. It’s something that can sneak up on you at your workplace, and can blast in horrendous and terrible ways. Therefore, whenever it strikes, it’s imperative to have some basic strategies at your arsenal that’ll let you deal with the feelings both in the short term and long term. We’ve compiled these Simple Ways to Relax at Work to help you … Continue reading Simple Ways to Relax at Work

Simple everyday habits that will lead to a lifetime of great health

In the fast-paced world of today, it is all too easy to put our physical and mental health on the backburner while we are busy chasing our business and other goals. Fitness and wellbeing are often at the back of our minds, but that we never seem to be able to get around to them. Looking after your body and mind does not, however, have … Continue reading Simple everyday habits that will lead to a lifetime of great health

Massage Therapy For Your Aches, Pains And Problems

For thousands of years massages have been used all over the world to treat aches and pains in the human body. They are quite effective when done properly and are a much better solution than medication. In fact many people who have experienced the healing power of massages will always prefer massages to modern medication. There are several types of massages all geared towards solving … Continue reading Massage Therapy For Your Aches, Pains And Problems

10 Tips for Happy Living in 2014

You’ll often hear others saying that small things are the key to happiness. It’s never too late to embrace this philosophy. This year, I’ve started cleansing my life and realized that small changes brought tremendous results. I’ll share with you practices that made me really happy. They will help you broaden your consciousness, make positive changes in your life and you’ll see things from a … Continue reading 10 Tips for Happy Living in 2014

7 Recreational Sports For Good Health And Fitness

All sports get you off the couch and work your body. However there are some that are particularly great for fitness, giving you your daily dose of cardio, getting your heart rate up, strengthening your heart muscles and body and keeping illnesses at bay. But you don’t have to be a national champion or a member of a professional team to be able to reap … Continue reading 7 Recreational Sports For Good Health And Fitness

I’m In Love With Soup!

So, while browsing the web for different types of soup dishes I came across a few sites (including catering services) offering a wide variety not only healthy, but also delicioso.  I know you’re probably thinking, “Soup? During the warm weather?” But come on now, it’s almost that time of year. Anyways, check out my findings and click on the images for how to get them … Continue reading I’m In Love With Soup!

Tessanne Chin’s 10 Quickies

Tessanne Chin is a Jamaican Rock/Reggae singer and songwriter. She is best known for her hit song “Hideway”, and has opened shows for legendary artists like Patti Labelle, Peabo Bryson, and Gladys Knight. Tessanne has also toured with international reggae artist Jimmy Cliff.

On the verge of releasing her solo debut album, Tessanne is ready to take on the music industry, and give listeners a fresh and unique sound never heard before.

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