Are you ‘Devoted’ to Hilary Duff?

The mom-to-be actress, singer and songwriter added author to her resume a while back and earned herself a New York Times bestseller with the release of her first book “Elixir.” I’ve never read but I hear it’s pretty good so maybe I should consider. Anyways, Hilary has unveiled her new book, “Devoted,” which is a sequel to her first. There’s something about actors or singers who Continue reading “Are you ‘Devoted’ to Hilary Duff?”

Too Fat, Too Skinny! What’s wrong with this world?

Why is it that some concern themselves about others’ weight? Why should it be an issue if someone is skinny, or packing a few pounds? It shouldn’t, it’s their own body. In my opinion, if you are comfortable and healthy in your skin, then don’t listen to what other people say, or even go over the top with dieting or other drastic weight loss measures.

I’ve often wondered why some young girls and mature women would hurt themselves to look like a model or celebrity in a magazine, or whatever other stuff contributed to their insecurities with their bodies. I definitely think the entertainment industry plays a part in that; Continue reading “Too Fat, Too Skinny! What’s wrong with this world?”