Big Sean’s “Marvin & Chardonnay”

Big Sean is certainly getting big. I really liked his first single “My Last” featuring Chris Brown (regardless of my bias for the pop star), and I’m loving his second single “Marvin & Chardonnay.” Sadly, I don’t share the same sentiments for the music video; maybe it’s due to the fact that there’s just too much provocativeness going on. Anyways, watch for yourselves and tell us what you … Continue reading Big Sean’s “Marvin & Chardonnay”

Nicki Minaj “Flies” with Rihanna

Ms. Barbie has revealed her latest work of art. The music video for the single “Fly,” which features pop singer Rihanna, has various concepts ranging from scenes inspired by a disaster movie to straight up ninja assassins. And Rihanna has never been so covered up in a video these days so I must give her props for that too. I really like the purpose of … Continue reading Nicki Minaj “Flies” with Rihanna

JoJo cover’s “Can’t Do Better”



Drake‘s latest single “Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better)” has gained lots of interest for its relatable lyrics and laid back beat, but hearing Jojo cover the track completely blew everyone away. The pop/r&b songbird took the single and made it her own, reaching over 3 million views on YouTube. Her sultry smooth vocals are so harmonized and sensual, you can feel her emotions in every note. I was definitely interested in hearing a female perspective of “Marvin’s Room“, a naughty track about drunk dialing your ex-love, and Jojo truly killed it. Check it out below:

Continue reading “JoJo cover’s “Can’t Do Better””

Lloyd Banks’ “So Forgetful” MV

The music video for Lloyd Banks‘ latest single “So Forgetful“, featuring r&b singer/producer Ryan Leslie, was released a few days ago and of course I had to post it here because I like the song. This is Lloyd’s fifth single from his third studio album “Hunger For More 2” available now. Check out the video and tell us what you think. Cr: Stilltheflow Continue reading Lloyd Banks’ “So Forgetful” MV

Heatseekers: Then & Now

On today’s heatseekers I’m featuring an artist that has superb talent. His singing and dancing captured the hearts of many worldwide, not to mention he’s also a good actor. And of course I couldn’t continue this series without including him. The artist I’m talking about is no other than Chris Brown. Check out the selections below: Continue reading “Heatseekers: Then & Now”

Karen Mukupa: The dreamer chasing reality

Karen Mukupa spent most of her youth living back and forth between two continents until finally settling in Denmark. Music has always been her dream, and this she conveyed to her family at a young age. By the 90’s, Karen became one half of the Danish reggae/hip hop duo “No Name Requested”, alongside the late Natasja Saad, who died in 2007 in a traffic accident. Though the duo never released a full album, their singles achieved critical success in the Danish music scene. Mukupa broke away from “No Name Requested” with the release of her first solo album in 2000, followed by the release of her second album in 2002. Continue reading “Karen Mukupa: The dreamer chasing reality”

Nicki Minaj releases a very pink new video

Nicki Minaj seems like she was blessed with more creativity than any other artist when it comes to artistic direction in her music videos, and the latest “Super Bass” is no different from the rest. Nicki goes poppy and takes her love for pink to a higher level. It’s only expected since her album is titled “Pink Friday“. The single is dedicated to her man; he treats her well, stays fly, and knows how to satisfy her. Nicki got it bad for the guy that’s why she’s singing that he has that “Super Bass“. Watch the music video below and tell us what you think about it. Continue reading “Nicki Minaj releases a very pink new video”

Olivia’s back with “December”

R&B/Hip Hop singer Olivia has unveiled her latest music video for the new single “December“. The song, which will be included in Olivia’s upcoming album “Show The World“, is a beautiful ballad about a woman being heartbroken after waiting for a man to return her love. It’s so relatable and Olivia exhumes passion throughout the entire song. Definitely a softer side to the artist. You can truly feel her emotions in the lyrics. Don’t let me spoil it for you. Please watch the music video below and purchase “December” now on iTunes. Continue reading “Olivia’s back with “December””

Lloyd’s “Cupid” ft. Awesome Jones

I really like Lloyd‘s latest “Cupid“. The single, which was produced by Polow Da Don, gives off a 90’s r&b vibe. Sounds like it sampled a classic that I can’t quite put my fingers on, but the track is hot and I love Lloyd’s vocals in this one. I must say he’s doing really well with his latest album “King of Hearts“. Click the image … Continue reading Lloyd’s “Cupid” ft. Awesome Jones

Originally Not Major: Tyler Ward-Home

This is the second installment of the Originally Not Major segment. Every Monday, we highlight talent with a capital “T” that is yet to be signed hence the title. Today’s ONM is Tyler Ward from Denver, Colorado. His song “Home” is a hit collaboration with Eppic. By the way Eppic, gives it a real nice rap flow. I like the mesh of pop and rap … Continue reading Originally Not Major: Tyler Ward-Home

“I need a doctor”

Are you as enamored by Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey‘s latest hit single “I Need A Doctor” as I am? Well, if you haven’t taken the time to check up on hip hop culture then maybe you should. This song is hot. The music video has been said by many to be somewhat confusing, but if you have the slightest bit of an artistic nature then you’d get it and appreciate it. I like the video. Skylar looks amazing floating around like some lost soul, and of coure I’m loving Eminem and Dre’s raps. The song is sick. “I Need A Doctor” was produced by Alex Da Kid (Love the way you lie), and the music video depicts Dre’s career over the years, as well as featuring snippets of his family life. It’s been out a little while, but still I just had to post it here.  So without further delay, check out the “confusing” video below (if you are late like me) and tell us what you think. “I Need A Doctor” is the second single from Dre’s third and final studio album “Detox“, which will be released on April 20, 2011. It’s assumed that the reason behind this album being his final is due to the fact that he wants to concentrate entirely on producing for artists. Continue reading ““I need a doctor””

Remembering Nate Dogg…

On March 15, 2011 Nathaniel Dwayne Hale, who we all know as Nate Dogg, passed away. Nate is most notable as the man with the smooth hook on the Grammy nominated hit single “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre. This hip hop anthem included my favorite line of all time, “Hold Up!” I remember bumping to this joint back in 2000. And who can forget Nate swaying on the chorus of 50 Cent’s 2003 gangsta love song “21 Questions”. Over the years Nate Dogg has graced us with his soulful, yet laidback and captivating r&b/g-funk vocals, and as fans, family and friends deal with the reality that he is no longer here, I’d like to take our readers on a journey to try and understand who Nate Dogg was and what he leaves behind. Continue reading “Remembering Nate Dogg…”

Nelly’s “Gone”

Rapper Nelly has released the music video for ‘Gone‘, which also features the sexy Ms. Kelly Rowland. “Gone” is the sequel to their hit song “Dilema“. I love the song but not really feeling Nelly’s singing parts. He should’ve just stuck to what he does best, rapping. I’m afraid Nelly failed to impress me where “Just a Dream” did. Anyways, the song is hot overall. What do … Continue reading Nelly’s “Gone”

Antonio Mclendon: An RnB star in the making

New England is well known for its clam chowder, but not so much for its artistry. Allow me to introduce to you Antonio Mclendon from Providence, RI, the smallest state in the U.S.

He is an immensely multi-talented artist who plays five instruments: the piano, drums, bass, lead guitar, saxaphone and the trumpet. Additionally he sings, produces and composes songs.  He cites his father as being his greatest musical influence.

Genre wise, his focus is on smooth RnB. Which has an old school feel to it that is devoid of today’s  music. Mend your broken heart is his first single, where he promises to treat her like a queen as remedy for being broken hearted.  Take a listen. Continue reading “Antonio Mclendon: An RnB star in the making”

VERBAL & Drake in “Some Other Place”


VERBAL, a Japanese rapper and member of hip hop group M-flo, has teamed up with Young Money star Drake on his latest single “Some Other Place“. The song is from VERBAL’s first solo album “VISIONAIR“, which will be released on March 16th, but can be pre-ordered now on amazon. The collaborative track “Black Out” with Namie Amuro & Lil Wayne (Young Money founder) is also included on the album, because it’s actually VERBAL’s song and they’re the guest artists riding on it. “Black Out” is also included on Namie’s album “Checkmate“, which we also posted about recently. “Some Other Place” sounds hot in the teaser but as you may have discovered from my previous rants on the topic, I hate auto-tune. That’s the downfall to this song, other than that it’s hot. Listen to the snippet and tell me what do you think? Continue reading “VERBAL & Drake in “Some Other Place””

Kanye West “All Of The Lights” MV

Kanye has released the music video for his single “All of the Lights“, and I’m actually feeling this song. It’s my second favorite along with “Runaway” from his “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” album. The music video was directed by Hype Williams and features Kid Cudi, Rihanna, along with a dozen other singers which I have no time to mention. The video somewhat plays on the lyrics to the song, depicting issues faced by families in society. I particularly liked that the song has substance, but what I didn’t appreciate was Rihanna’s outfit in the video (sorry to diss you on your b-day). Why must this chick make everything about sex when it’s not even that kind of song. Anyways, see the video for yourselves and tell us what you think. Continue reading “Kanye West “All Of The Lights” MV”

Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Chris Brown “Yesterday” MV

Check out the latest music video for Diddy’s (he’s alone on this one cos its about a man dealing with heartbreak) new single “Yesterday“, which features Chris Brown. This song is hot. Chris should consider including it as a bonus on his upcoming “F.A.M.E” album. The talented r&b singer owns this song with his passionate singing. I liked the ‘Mad Max’ concept of the music video, which shows Diddy & Chris in a desert, and a few glimpses of their love interest walking around without a care. Anyhoo, watch the video below, and if you haven’t already, make sure to purchase Diddy Dirty Money’s “Last Train to Paris“. The album is hot. Continue reading “Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Chris Brown “Yesterday” MV”

Review Dave Raps

Dear EmbraceYou Fans, Dave Raps was recently featured on here as an upcoming rapper. He has a new track called Do It Right. Listen to it real carefully and send us a detailed review of it at: with Dave Raps Review in the subject line. Here is the link: Your reviews will be posted on here, his management will appreciate an HONEST review. Thank you, … Continue reading Review Dave Raps

Lupe teases with “Words he Never Said”

Artistic deep thinker Lupe Fiasco has released a teaser for his upcoming music video ‘Words I Never Said‘. The full MV will be uncovered on February 1st, and the song, which features Skylar Grey, is included on his upcoming ‘Lasers‘ album, set for a March release. The teaser alone prepares you for what’s coming in the entire music video: a view on what’s happening in the world today, with the use of words that will absolutely grab your attention and probably stir up controversy. Lupe Fiasco has always been the lyricist that gets me to listen, watch and think. So check out the teaser below, and of course, pre-order your copy of ‘Lasers‘ now:

Continue reading “Lupe teases with “Words he Never Said””

Nicki Minaj wants this “Moment 4 Life”

For her latest work of art, Nicki Minaj gets romantic with fellow Young Money rapper Drake, in her new music video for the single “Moment 4 Life“. Ms. Barbie went with a fairytale theme for the video, with Drake being her love interest; it’s very Continue reading “Nicki Minaj wants this “Moment 4 Life””