[Review] Namie Amuro “Naked/Fight Together/Tempest”

The queen of hip-pop has unveiled her latest work of art. Namie Amuro returns with the triple A-side single “NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest”, her first release of 2011. The singer previously released a collaboration album called “Checkmate”, which topped local charts and created waves globally for having strong guest appearances like Lil Wayne, VERBAL (M-Flo), and After School. Now, Namie is ready to get back to business, having the latest single as a result of what she’s been doing since wrapping up promotions for her collaboration album. Each song portrays what Amuro is known for, Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, and ballads. The singer’s style is well packaged in these three songs and all are simply irresistible to the ears. Continue reading “[Review] Namie Amuro “Naked/Fight Together/Tempest””

Namie Amuro collaborates with Lil’ Wayne?

Japanese hip-pop artist Namie Amuro will be releasing a collaboration album titled “Checkmate” on March 23rd, and the full tracklist was recently revealed on her official website. Aside from the fact that Namie will be collaborating with Kpop group After School on what seems to be their first release in Japan, American rapper Lil’ Wayne has also made an appearance on the album. I’m not surprised that Amuro is working with a western rapper, in fact this collab is quite interesting. You can listen to the snippet below. Namie’s collab album also includes artists AI, Yamashita Tomohisa, and Tsuchiya Anna: Continue reading “Namie Amuro collaborates with Lil’ Wayne?”