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Europe’s Most Treasured Sailing Paradise – Croatia

Croatia is one of the best destinations in Europe, for holidaymakers seeking to explore the majestic beauty of nature. Blessed with magnificent flora and fauna, the Adriatic country offers a host of options to explore especially with its expansive Mediterranean waters along its borders. There are many attractions waiting for you to discover them and planning for your vacation in Croatia will be an ideal … Continue reading Europe’s Most Treasured Sailing Paradise – Croatia

The Jewel of the Mediterranean

Tunisia a very popular North African destination with a climate that rarely dips under 20 degrees; basically, it’s  literally a hot spot all year round. It offers superb beaches, spectacular desert scenery and a wealth of historical sites dating back nearly 3,000 years to when the ancient city of Carthage dominated the entire western Mediterranean.

Although the smallest nation in North Africa, Tunisia’s eventful and often dramatic history has been the result of its strategic position. Over the centuries, the country which was once the exclusive home of the Berbers, has, at one time or another, been settled on by most of the world’s greatest powers; from the Phoenicians, Romans and Vandals to Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans and French. These people have come and gone, leaving their mark upon Tunisia in varying degrees, and providing a rich cultural and social heritage that is unique to this land. Continue reading “The Jewel of the Mediterranean”