Lindsay Lands Liz Taylor Role: Is This Her Turning Point?

Its been a while since Lindsay Lohan starred in any thing note worthy film where she could tap into the wonderful actress she’s capable of being, so it’s certainly pleasing to hear she’ll be playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Television Movie “Liz and Dick.” Apparently, the film has been in production since May 2011 and the once troubled star (but now showing signs of upliftment) will channel the internationally known Taylor in this biopic. Continue reading “Lindsay Lands Liz Taylor Role: Is This Her Turning Point?”

Do you know the “Source Code?”


Jake Gyllenhaal‘s latest sci-fi thriller had me at the edge of my seat. The movie was an adrenaline the moment it began til the credits rolled. Ok I’m getting carried away, but that’s how sick “Source Code” is. Here’s my brief review. Jake plays a soldier who awakens on a moving train and finds a weird girl, played by Michelle Monaghan, talking to him casually like they’ve known each other for years, and calling him by a name he is unaware of. Jake gets frantic and starts to ponder on what exactly is going on, later checking out his reflection in the mirror to find someone else looking back. Shortly after, the train blows up and Jake wakes up inside this weird room filled with some enhanced technological equipment that hasn’t hit the market yet. Continue reading “Do you know the “Source Code?””

Too Fat, Too Skinny! What’s wrong with this world?

Why is it that some concern themselves about others’ weight? Why should it be an issue if someone is skinny, or packing a few pounds? It shouldn’t, it’s their own body. In my opinion, if you are comfortable and healthy in your skin, then don’t listen to what other people say, or even go over the top with dieting or other drastic weight loss measures.

I’ve often wondered why some young girls and mature women would hurt themselves to look like a model or celebrity in a magazine, or whatever other stuff contributed to their insecurities with their bodies. I definitely think the entertainment industry plays a part in that; Continue reading “Too Fat, Too Skinny! What’s wrong with this world?”