Whitney Houston “Never Give Up”

I Will Always Love You: The Best Of Whitney Houston

I love the new Whitney Houston single and heartbroken at the fact she herself won’t be able to film a viral for her fans. The soulful r&b track is uplifting, loving, and passionate, everything Ms. Houston was. Check out the Jermaine Dupri production and tell us what you think. Never Give Up is the promotional single for the I Will Always Love You collection comes out November 13, 2012.Β 

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Celine Gets Blunt On Cause Of Whitney’s Death


Like millions around the world, Celine Dion is also shocked about the sudden passing of Whitney Houston. However, her recent call in to Good Morning America to share her thoughts on the star’s untimely death had some wondering if maybe lady Dion should’ve considered her words carefully. After declaring that Whitney was in fact an inspiration to her, and probably should have stopped there, Celine went on to talk about the speculations behind Houston’s death:Β  Continue reading “Celine Gets Blunt On Cause Of Whitney’s Death”

Whitney Houston, Global Songstress, Dead?

Someone please tell me this is just another disgusting twitter trend about a fake celeb death so I can go find the jerk and slap the hell outta em. Whitney Houston can’t be dead. I just can’t accept that. To think only a few days ago I was singing her song “Why Does It Hurt So Bad” in the shower out of nowhere, based on the fact that good music just stays with me, and now I’m hearing news that she’s dead at 48 years old. This is just beyond shocking and leaves me speechless. What can you say to this, really? Should I delve into her past hits and newest comebacks, or should I ponder in quietness and search for the reason as to why Whitney Houston is with us no more.Β  Continue reading “Whitney Houston, Global Songstress, Dead?”