Fall shows you should be watching

I know many of our readers are probably tuned in to some new shows this season, as well as to the return of their favorites. Well, here are some interesting shows that I recommend you watch if you aren’t already: Continue reading “Fall shows you should be watching”

“Thor” was such a disappointment

I made the mistake of watching “Thor” this weekend and I’ve been asking myself “why?” The movie SUCKED big time. I think the best parts were shown in the trailer and other than the sexy Chris Hemsworth there was nothing else to keep me entertained. The acting was a bit blah, Idris Elba hardly had any parts, not too many action either, and the ending … Continue reading “Thor” was such a disappointment

Spotlight – Columbus Short

Meet Columbus Short, an American actor, dancer, choreographer, and singer. Columbus is best known for his roles in the films ‘Stomp the Yard‘, ‘This Christmas‘, and ‘Armored‘, and as the choreographer for Britney Spears’ Onyx Hotel Tour.

Columbus Short was born Kansas City, Missouri to a family who loved the creative arts. The family later relocated to Los Angeles while he was young, and soon after began working in a youth theater. He attended performing arts high school until joining the Broadway tour of Stomp, a non-traditional dance troupe.

Short first appeared in the hit movie ‘You got Served‘ in 2004 as a dancer, Continue reading “Spotlight – Columbus Short”

“Milk & Honey” is definitely sweet

Milk & Honey” is a new series about love, friendship, chasing your dreams, and dealing with life’s issues along the way. The series is directed by Jeanette McDuffie, written by Dana Gills and Asha Kamali May, and executive produced by actor Idris Elba and Brown Paper Bag productions.Β  Continue reading ““Milk & Honey” is definitely sweet”

Are You Looking Forward To ‘Thor’?

I definitely am. The upcoming May 2011 film ‘Thor“, played by Australian hottie Chris Hemsworth, depicts the story of the powerful warrior from the Norse mythology. Thor is stripped of his powers by his father (because he’s an arrogant fellow) and cast out from his kingdom unto earth (sucks for him). Natalie Portman plays his earthly love interest. The movie also stars Sir Anthony Hopkins, Idris Elba, and Kat Dennings.

Be sure to go check out this action packed movie when its released; it really has me anticipating.Β Watch the awesome trailer below, if you haven’t already (which I can’t figure out why):

Continue reading “Are You Looking Forward To ‘Thor’?”