Candle Thieves are “Breathing Just For You”

By now you might be asking yourselves “who are the Candle Thieves“? Well, this duo is formed by two college friends from the U.K: Scott McEwan and The Glock. I don’t want to spend time writing a bio on both musicians, rather I’d like to discuss their latest single “Breathing (Just for you)”. I really like this song. It’s something different and sets apart from the current sound of the music industry. I definitely recommend you take a listen, and of course watch their music video below. “Breathing (Just for you)”Β will be released on March 21st so be sure to purchase it and support this cool band. Continue reading “Candle Thieves are “Breathing Just For You””

[New Release] The Decemberists

The King Is DeadGet the newest release from The Decemberists available in stores and online today. The indie folk rock band stated that their sixth studio album “The King is Dead“, is more influenced by blues prior to their other releases.

The King is Dead” will include the singles “Down by the Water” and “January Hymn“, along with eight other songs so be sure to support the band and purchase their new album.

Check out the song “Down by the Water” below: Continue reading “[New Release] The Decemberists”

[Exclusive] Indigo Charlie’s “on a journey to scratch souls”

Indigo Charlie is a Indie/Alternative singer and songwriter, and in her own words, “on a journey to scratch souls and vent”. By writing about her own experiences, Indigo creates music others can relate to. This talented singer wants to prove that she can stand out in an already packed industry.

With a single already out, and an EP on the way, Indigo Charlie is ready to take on the world and become an international superstar.

Check out her music video for ‘Never Change‘ remix featuring Khleo Thomas, and read the interview for more:

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Indigo Charlie’s 10 Quickies

Indigo Charlie is a singer and songwriter with a lot to share with music lovers worldwide. Indigo wants to create music that let people tap into their emotions, and with her style and talent, she’s about to do just that.

Be sure to read our interview with Indigo, and check out her ’10 quickie’ responses below:

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