Domestic Abuse, infidelity & An Unusual Family

Jdramas surely know how to stir up ones emotions when they get intense, andΒ Kare, Otto, Otoko Tomodachi was no exception. This series was my first to watch since the start of the new year, and I’m more than satisfied with what I’ve been given. It was only eight episodes lasting about forty minutes each and I stayed up all night watching the entire thing. At first, I was sort of skeptical with how I might receive this drama, due to the fact that two of the daughters portrayed whorish behavior, and the eldest was trapped in a violent marriage that I couldn’t save her from. However, once each character was broken down and the audience got to analyze them individually, you could see the causes behind their behavior and the kind of life they built for themselves.

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“It’s my fault you cheated?”

Lame is the man who blames the woman for his unfaithfulness. Maybe not often, but there are times when men do this kind of thing. What does that mean exactly? Because I wasn’t submissive enough, or ’cause I nagged you about your bad ways, or maybe I was always encouraging you to be more ambitious, you went out and cheated? Though it is inexcusable, experts say men sometimes cheat because of the aforementioned, particularly a nagging woman. Continue reading ““It’s my fault you cheated?””