Get to Know Sara Stevens in ’10’

Whether she’s singing an operatic aria, a musical theater standard or a tune she helped to write, Sara Steven’s ability to embody the soul of a song is a rare gift. What’s even more amazing is that she is only 15 years old. Growing up in Marietta, Georgia, Sara’s abilities were evident at a very early age. Her parents encouraged her love of music by … Continue reading Get to Know Sara Stevens in ’10’

Owl Frontman Chris Wyse Gives Us ’10’

Chris Wyse is frontman and bass player in LA/NY-based rock band Owl. Their third album, the propulsive and powerful Things You Can’t See, is due out on July 28th. Chris is also the bass player for former lead guitarist and founding member of KISS, Ace Frehley, and was the bass player in seminal rock outfit The Cult for a decade. It’s a pleasure to have him on EY, … Continue reading Owl Frontman Chris Wyse Gives Us ’10’

Laila Biali Takes ’10’

It’s such a pleasure to have the wonderful Laila Biali on our site. Do check out our exclusive interview with Jazz artist, and continue below to learn some quick things about her: Love, and be loved. Ebullient and affectionate. (Puppy love!) Daily prayer. Yoga (when I can fit it in). Prepping and eating healthy meals at home. Green smoothies! Active love life with my husband. … Continue reading Laila Biali Takes ’10’

[Exclusive] Camille A. Brown on drowning in the art of dance

It is truly a pleasure to have Camille A. Brown on our site. You cannot deny the talent of this amazing woman along with her dance company; from their emotional and heartfelt theater productions that tell stories through rhythmic movements, to their contribution to the art community and thereof. I’m beyond thrilled to have come across Ms. Brown and extremely delighted to share her with EY … Continue reading [Exclusive] Camille A. Brown on drowning in the art of dance

[Exclusive] The artist Plumb on spreading hope

Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, internationally known as Plumb, is a Christian Contemporary artist who has spawn a number of inspirational songs that have touched many hearts since her debut. It is a wonder how I managed to get the performer to take some time to grant us an interview, when she’s constantly touring and spreading love through her beautiful music. Check out the viral for her hit … Continue reading [Exclusive] The artist Plumb on spreading hope

[EXCLUSIVE] Tessa Thompson on varied dreams and effecting change

Tessa Thompson is one of those actresses you just have to watch whenever she’s giving you a performance. Whether it be on television or on the big screen, she most certainly brings it. I call her versatile because she doesn’t stick to one thing that she does best; her career is always evolving. Tessa has far exceeded her character on the popular show, Veronica Mars, moving on … Continue reading [EXCLUSIVE] Tessa Thompson on varied dreams and effecting change

[Exclusive] Kelissa on Positive Livity & Conscious Music

There’s something very warm, inviting, and uplifting about Kelissa McDonald’s music. You can’t help but listen to the truth that resides within her lyrics and it encourages you to make a change. Well, that’s the kind of feeling I get. Born and raised on the island of Jamaica, Kelissa is a diverse artist whose sound has evolved into an expression of her background as well … Continue reading [Exclusive] Kelissa on Positive Livity & Conscious Music

[Exclusive] America Martin on making life her art

I came across an artist’s website and I immediately felt drawn to her use of colors and concepts. The artist I’m talking about is America Martin, a Colombian-American fine artist based in Los Angeles. Not only does this endearing and talented woman paint, she also creates intricate sculptors as well. Martin takes inspiration from a wide range of things, including life. Find out this and … Continue reading [Exclusive] America Martin on making life her art

[Exclusive] Samantha J is Re-inventing Dancehall Pop

Who is Samantha J? Well, not only is the teen entertainer a Jamaican born, shaking up international waters, she’s in my opinion re-inventing dancehall pop and bringing a fresh sound to the music scene. Samantha is one among the many talented youths of her nation giving us change, a non-traditional and fun-loving approach to a genre once described as raunchy and hardcore. In my opinion, … Continue reading [Exclusive] Samantha J is Re-inventing Dancehall Pop

[Exclusive] Dara Maclean wants you to know you’re ‘Wanted’

Dara Maclean is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller. She’s sharing with the world not only good music, but songs that are uplifting and meaningful. Few have the raw talent and ability to capture an audience on a emotional level, and Dara Maclean is one of them. A follower of Christ and advocate for change, Dara is here to encourage and emphasize the truth of what … Continue reading [Exclusive] Dara Maclean wants you to know you’re ‘Wanted’

[Exclusive] Sara Mearns Redefines the Art of Dance

one just has to think of ballet whenever there’s the mention of dance. This artistic presentation is no where near the vulgarity or provocativeness of twerking, but it does grab the attention of those who dare to be enchanted by elegant and fluid movements. Sara Mearns is no exception. Her graceful and in depth performances are simply perfection. Like most ballerina’s, Sara has worked tremendously … Continue reading [Exclusive] Sara Mearns Redefines the Art of Dance

[Exclusive] The Roxie Bardo Experience

When Roxie Bardo was brought to my attention, I was like “hmm…let’s hear how she sounds”. Then once the Crossfire singer’s latest EP started playing I was like, “Wow, this is just wow.” What I’ve been missing out on is a talented seventeen year old sharing her gift and working hard to do so. But don’t let the age stir you. This is not another … Continue reading [Exclusive] The Roxie Bardo Experience

[Exclusive] Who is Luke James?

Have you ever been moved so much by soulful music you just had to close your eyes and let it consume you? Well, that’s one way of putting my reaction to hearing Luke James‘ voice for the first time. Following my discovery I went to work, checking out his releases via youtube and researching about his background. Turns out Luke James has been in the … Continue reading [Exclusive] Who is Luke James?

[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with MASUMI

I was blown away when I came across MASUMI’s youtube video of her singing the original song, Sinking Boat. Her naturally soulful voice immediately pulled me in and I had goose bumps by end of the song. Of course, I had to learn more about this talented lady to the point where I caught up with her still in Japan working on her album. MASUMI took the time to grant us an exclusive interview. So, do listen to the undeniably heartwarming Sinking Boat, and continue below to discover more about this awesome artist: Continue reading “[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with MASUMI”

[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Author L. Divine

Recently I was browsing around Amazon and came across a rather interesting series. The description immediately grabbed my attention, not mainly for the drama involved, but the story behind its creation. Author L. Divine is the mastermind behind the ongoing series, Drama High. She hopes to enhance literacy among teens, and with her young adult series she’s aiming at not only giving them something interesting … Continue reading [EXCLUSIVE] Interview with Author L. Divine

[Exclusive] Interview with ‘The Neighbourhood’

If you haven’t heard the songs Female Robbery or Sweater Weather, then you probably haven’t discovered the addictive music of California-based band The Neighbourhood. Formed two years ago, the band is consisted of Jesse Rutherford on vocals, Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels on guitars, Mike Margott on bass, and Bryan Sammis on drums. All working collectively to create the amazing sounds of “Dark Pop”. The Neighbourhood will be going on tour this summer to bring their incomparable music to willing listeners. But before that, drummer Bryan took some time to grant us an exclusive interview. 

Check out the music video for Female Robbery and continue below to discover awesomeness: Continue reading “[Exclusive] Interview with ‘The Neighbourhood’”

[Exclusive] Meg Myers Gives Us “Heart”

Whoa! Who is the singer behind such emotionally driven vocals? That was the question I asked the first time I heard the song “Heart Heart Head“. I find it a bit sad that I’m only now discovering this musician but I’m most certainly happy that I did. Meg Myers has three things I listen out for in music: truth, passion, and heart. She has the … Continue reading [Exclusive] Meg Myers Gives Us “Heart”

[Exclusive] Wayne’s ‘Wonderful’ and Timeless Music

Reggae singer-songwriter Wayne Wonder has a voice that reaches the soul. He’s a game changer with more to offer than melting ballads and catchy numbers. The Jamaican born and raised has established a spot for himself among music greats, and with several hits under his belt, Wayne’s ready to take the next step while continuing to do it his ‘way’.

Check out the music video to one of my favorites ‘If I Ever’, and continue below to learn more about this soulful artist:

Continue reading “[Exclusive] Wayne’s ‘Wonderful’ and Timeless Music”

[Exclusive] Alison Sudol on her musical ‘Frenzy’ & life of ‘Pines’

If you’re rubbing your head vigorously to the name Alison Sudol then perhaps A Fine Frenzy will sound more familiar. That is in fact the stage name for the California native singer and songwriter. It’s been nearly three years since the literature inspired and eccentric vocalist released an album, but with Pines I believe the anticipation has been eased. Described as an artist who’s always … Continue reading [Exclusive] Alison Sudol on her musical ‘Frenzy’ & life of ‘Pines’

[Exclusive] Katy Tiz: An interview with the “loud one”

Who is Katy Tiz? “I’m always the loud one.” Let’s leave that fact aside for now. Katy’s a singer/songwriter from the UK getting ready to drop her debut album, and is currently gaining notable attention for the playful single ‘Famous‘. Seems like a floodgate had burst open to unleash some talented British musicians lately, because Ms. Tiz is the latest natural born talent on route … Continue reading [Exclusive] Katy Tiz: An interview with the “loud one”