Alafia Shows Love To ‘EMBRACE YOU’

We previously did an interview with this enthusiastic and charismatic young lady, and she took the time to say thank you and helped to promote us on her channel. So we just wanna send back our love to Alafia, and wish her all the best. Thanks again girl! Visit her official youtube channels: Continue reading Alafia Shows Love To ‘EMBRACE YOU’


Meet Alafia, aka THE QUEEN OF TRAVEL. Β She is only 23 years old, and is living a jet-setter’s lifestyle. After attaining her undergraduate degree, she moved halfway-across the world to live and teach in Japan. Prior to that, she had lived in Germany and visited the Carribean country of the Dominican Republic. Let this interview serve as inspiration to travel beyond the borders of your country. Read on for more scoop on the Queen of Travel!

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