Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been”: Hot or Flop?

The pop star spent weeks learning choreography that involved intricate moves in order to give fans something different from her usual music videos. Rihanna is an island girl, but what I’ve noticed along with anyone else who can see is that the singer doesn’t do choreographed moves in videos. But then again, releasing an album every year and having a tight tour schedule wasn’t granting … Continue reading Rihanna’s “Where Have You Been”: Hot or Flop?

Miranda Brooke’s a “Hater”

Here’s an artist who’s clearly not getting enough recognition for her music, so I thought I’d do her the honor by posting it here. Miranda Brooke sings about her lover fooling around with a girl she considers to be everything she’s not. “Hater” is a mellow r&b song with a groovy beat and I enjoy listening to the song and the message it conveys. Miranda is absolutely stunning, don’t know why any guy would not be satisfied with her. Anyway, check out the video and tell us what you think of the video.  Continue reading “Miranda Brooke’s a “Hater””

[Review] Jennifer Lopez’ “LOVE?”


It’s been four years since Jennifer Lopez released an album, and we should all know by know the stress she endured to finally be able to get back in the music game. After her relationship with Sony Music Entertainment ended, the fate of “LOVE?” was left uncertain. Well, J.LO has officially dropped her 7th studio album and it’s truly a soundtrack for the summer. You’re guaranteed to hear club bangers, hip hop, and mid-tempo r&b tracks. I listened to the entire album over and over without finding spot fillers. “LOVE?” is an excellent comeback effort from the superstar and with producers like RedOne, Tricky Stewart, StarGate, Lady GaGa, and The-Dream, she can do no wrong. Here’s a full review of the album from my perspective: Continue reading “[Review] Jennifer Lopez’ “LOVE?””

Spotlight – Brutha

Meet Brutha, an American R&B quintet consisting of five brothers: Grady, Cheyenne, Jacob, Jared, and Anthony. The group became known nationally through their reality television show “Brothers to Brutha” on BET. The show displayed Brutha’s hard-work and determination to make it in the entertainment industry.

In 2007, the group’s uncle Donny Harrell, the CEO of Goodfellas Entertainment, and (the now late) Shakir Stewart, a Senior Vice-President of A&R at Island Def Jam, invited the brothers to Atlanta to audition for Jermaine Dupri. Dupri became impressed and later signed them to Island Def Jam Music Group.

Continue reading “Spotlight – Brutha”