Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2012

The 14th TGC unveiled some really stylish designs from the Spring/Summer 2012 lines of a wide variety of labels. The fashion and entertainment event is quite a crowd puller, having in attendance not only models but celebrities on the runway. Check out some of my favorite looks below and see if you can spot any of the celebs: Continue reading “Tokyo Girls Collection Spring/Summer 2012”

[Review] IU’s “Last Fantasy”

By Kai

Korea’s sweetheart isn’t exactly my cup of tea, and by that I mean I’ve never ever listened to her music before. But with the lack of originality these days I became more inclined to listen to whatever it is that’s different. You know, just to expand my interests. IU has returned with her second album “Last Fantasy,” and boy do the songs live up to the title. Her sound is completely distinctive and immeasurable; from mythical elements to blissful balladry and candy sweet dreamy numbers, best believe that “Last Fantasy” captured all the substantial meaning required in delivering a solid work of art. I’ve already listened to the entire thing, hence my decision to write a full review. So, without any hesitation, allow me to spread my influence on you by reading this track-by-track review: Continue reading “[Review] IU’s “Last Fantasy””