“Love Interrupt’s” Jack White

Have you heard Jack White‘s newest single “Love Interruption?” I have and I actually like it. Blues was never really my cup of tea but I definitely appreciate the genre for the great musicians it produced throughout history. This song is Jack’s first attempt at a solo career since the disbandment of The White Stripes, which he formed along with his ex-wife Meg White. I’ve always found that little detail very interesting. Anyways, “Love Interruption” is a bluesy track about being completely distorted by the strong emotion to a point where everything, even the not so good, feels right. The single features the soulful lady Ruby Amanfu and will be included on Jack’s debut album “Blunderbuss” in stores and online April 23, 2012. Check out the video and express yourselves: Continue reading ““Love Interrupt’s” Jack White”