[Review] Brian Joo’s “Reborn Part 1”

Brian Joo just melts my heart every time he opens his mouth and starts singing. This is a natural talent who I feel doesn’t get the complete recognition he deserves. His last release, “Unveiled,” truly blew me away; the songs were tasteful, unconventional, and totally spectacular. Brian has always been that artist who knows how to deliver music worth listening to. And thus he’s done it again. “Reborn Part 1” continues where the previous EP left off, so they say. For his latest effort, Joo has invited one of the biggest hip hop artists in Korea, Tiger JK, along with Jay Park, Dumbfoundead, and Flowsik of Aziatix to help convey his ‘seriousness towards music.’ The lead track caught my attention so now all that’s left is to check out the rest of the EP and see exactly where Brian is going with this one. Continue reading “[Review] Brian Joo’s “Reborn Part 1””

Spotlight – Jade Valerie

Meet Jade Valerie, an American/Euro Pop singer, songwriter and actress. Jade started out acting in stage plays but later launched her music career as the front woman for Sweetbox. Jade penned several of Sweetbox’s hit songs, until she left the project in 2007 to focus on her solo career.

Jade Valerie Villalon was born August 12, 1980 in San Diego, California. She is of Filipino, German, and Irish decent. Jade was raised partially in Japan from the age of 3, but spent the rest of her childhood in San Diego. As a teen, Jade became active in entertainment; starring in stage productions, and doing vocal training with Joni Wilson. Upon moving to Los Angeles, Jade was introduced to Sweetbox producer and songwriter Geo, by the now late Alan Rich (American music critic).

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