The irresistible Kim Ha Neul

There’s no denying that South Korea has tremendously talented people. From singers to actors, they all seem to have some wow factor enabling them to captivate an audience. And Kim Ha Neul is no exception. The actress and model first charmed her way into my life with her performance in the comedic film “My Tutor Friend”; I was further impressed with her obnoxious acting in the television drama “On Air”, which was a complete 180 degree from her good girl roles.  To be honest, I’m somewhat late in discovering this talented woman but certainly there are no regrets because I’ve been a fan since.

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Spotlight – Maki Horikita

Meet Maki Horikita, a talented Japanese actress and model. Maki made her acting debut in 2003, and has since starred in a number of Japanese television dramas and movies, appeared on numerous magazine covers, shot several commercials, and endorsed a lot of products.

Maki was born Marina Hara on October 6, 1988 in Tokyo, Japan. A tomboy throughout her childhood, she enjoyed playing basketball and baseball with her friends. Horikita was vice-president of her high school’s student council, and vice-captain of the basketball club. However, her activities in school became less as she focused more on finishing up her education in order to fully concentrate on her blossoming entertainment career.

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