Suicide=Escape in South Korea


South Korea is the second country in the world with the highest suicide rate. Certainly this is not something to be proud of. I’ve been discussing the issue with my friends since hearing the news about one of the country’s best actresses Choi Jin-Sil a few years back, but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve seriously started researching about some of the contributing factors that might lead individuals, public figures more often, into taking their own lives. Continue reading “Suicide=Escape in South Korea”

100 and counting


What do you think about someone who has slept with more than 100 people? Well, such bed hoppers might be referred to as “porn stars” because those are the ones having that many sexual encounters, only difference is they get paid for it. I don’t know how our readers feel about this topic or if they relate to it in any way, but I find having sex so many times with DIFFERENT partners preposterous. Why would you treat your temple in such a way? It’s either you’re a harlot, have some serious psychological issues, or like I’ve stated earlier, a porn star getting paid to be dangerously promiscuous. Continue reading “100 and counting”