“T.H.E.” will.i.am

What I’ve always liked about Will.i.am & the Black Eyed Peas’ music videos is creativity, and his latest “T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)” delivers. The track features a wild and erotic looking Jennifer Lopez, who sounds the way she dresses in the video, yearning for air.  I must say though that I loved the addition of Mick Jagger towards the end. Now, that’s where things get … Continue reading “T.H.E.” will.i.am

Bus Chronicles: Facebook will get you killed + Cottamn hot

Facebook will get you killed

How and why you ask? Well, if your relationship status is updated for the whole world(read-your friends, family and FOES ) to see in the eventuality it fizzles out, proper measures have to be taken and protocol followed, or risk the wrath of a woman scorned.

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Jennifer Lopez re-enacts “Love Potion No.9” in new video

Jennifer has released one of the most hilarious music videos of her career. “Papi” is another dance number from her latest album “Love?“, and I can’t get over how tasteful and energetic it is. The directors and J.Lo went with a concept similar to that portrayed in the 1992 film “Love Potion No.9” about two people looking for love with the help of an elixir, … Continue reading Jennifer Lopez re-enacts “Love Potion No.9” in new video

Easy Summer Hairstyles

Gabrielle Union’s Falling Down Updo

STAY COOL TIP Union’s hairstylist Kiyah Wright gave her hair a few twists around a curling iron with a one-inch barrel to give the ringlets bounce and shape, then pinned hair into a low updo. “This look is great for an evening on the town, or even for an formal event like a wedding,” Wright said. “I let a few curls frame Gabrielle’s face to create a soft effect, and used very little product aside from hairspray to set the look.”

For Thought: What a shocker!


When Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announced they’re heading to Splitsville, fans were left dumbfounded. I for one am a little puzzled as only a few weeks ago both performed a sexy number on American Idol and were seen in pictures looking all lovey dovey. So it’s kind of hard to take in that they’re getting a divorce after seven years of marriage when the couple used to say they’ve founded their soulmate. Like many, I’m hoping they can work out their issues as they used to be so in love an all, and not only for the good times they’ve shared together but also for their young twins. Continue reading “For Thought: What a shocker!”

[Review] Jennifer Lopez’ “LOVE?”


It’s been four years since Jennifer Lopez released an album, and we should all know by know the stress she endured to finally be able to get back in the music game. After her relationship with Sony Music Entertainment ended, the fate of “LOVE?” was left uncertain. Well, J.LO has officially dropped her 7th studio album and it’s truly a soundtrack for the summer. You’re guaranteed to hear club bangers, hip hop, and mid-tempo r&b tracks. I listened to the entire album over and over without finding spot fillers. “LOVE?” is an excellent comeback effort from the superstar and with producers like RedOne, Tricky Stewart, StarGate, Lady GaGa, and The-Dream, she can do no wrong. Here’s a full review of the album from my perspective: Continue reading “[Review] Jennifer Lopez’ “LOVE?””

J.Lo unleashes the reggae influenced “I’m Into You”

Jennifer Lopez unveiled a new track from her upcoming album “Love?“. The new single titled “I’m Into You” features Lil Wayne and incorporates elements of reggae. Definitely a more summer feel, and a stretch away from the dance number “On The Floor“. I’m loving it either way. And I can imaging myself on the islands while listening to this wicked song. Check it out below and let us know what you think.  Continue reading “J.Lo unleashes the reggae influenced “I’m Into You””

Get “On the Floor” with J.Lo & Pitbull

I absolutely love “On The Floor“, and I never thought I’d say that about a euro pop song with so much repition, but J.Lo has me hooked. I also love the fact that RedOne sampled the melody from one of my favorite dance songs from the 90’s (Lambada! If you don’t know it, YouTube it). “On The Floor” features the sexy Pitbull and will be included on Jennifer’s upcoming seventh studio album “Love?”, which will be released in April. “Love?” will be Lopez’ first release with Island Records since parting ways with Sony. I’m a bit late in posting the new video but all the same, I still wanted to cos it is hot, hot, HOT! Check it out below: Continue reading “Get “On the Floor” with J.Lo & Pitbull”