A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

I know, my lame headlines are probably getting old but I still can’t help it. So, on to my topic at hand. “Rock of Ages.” What the hell was that? I’ve never been so disappointed about spending my time watching a movie before. I held out to about a good 50 minutes in the film then caved in. I just couldn’t watch any further. Worst … Continue reading A lot of “Ages,” Didn’t Really “Rock”

‘Footloose’, a disastrous remake


Oh why, oh why does Hollywood like insulting classics by doing these cheesy, ridiculous remakes? Aside from the bad acting and untalented actors casted in ‘Footloose‘…actually, scratch that, there’s absolutely no positive aspect of this remake. It just sucked big time. Going to the movies to see this is not only a waste of money but also a waste of your eyesight and gas. Can I even begin to fill you in on all the elements that contributed to the poor, pathetic results that are compressed into 1 hour and 53 minutes? Let me try. Continue reading “‘Footloose’, a disastrous remake”