miss A doesn’t “need a man”

JYP’s urban pop foursome has unveiled the music video for their latest single, I Don’t Need A Man. I do like the chilled beat and catchy hook but I’m not all the way there as yet. I need a couple more listens before I can say I love it. Anyways, check out the music video filled with cute segments and hip dance moves.    Credit: … Continue reading miss A doesn’t “need a man”

‘Bounce’ with JJ Project

There’s nothing hotter than a beat mixed with hip hop, pop, dance, dubstep, and rock. What’s the end result? JJ Project. ‘JYP has done it again, cooking up an awesome track fitting for my stereo, appeals to mainstream, and doesn’t sound stupid. ‘Bounce‘ is my current Kpop addiction. Check it out and tell us what you think. Credit: JJProjectOfficial Continue reading ‘Bounce’ with JJ Project

[Music Review] Miss A’s “Touch”

Title: “Touch” 4th Mini Album

Artist: Miss A

Release date: 2.20.2012

I’m still waiting to warm up to Miss A‘s lead track for their 4th EP. However, I would never refuse the other songs included based solely on whether or not I gravitate towards the first. And while “Touch” may not be high up on my chart as yet, I’d still like to give this group and their music a chance. Also, I must applaud the ladies on ever improving their craft, such as delivering strong vocals and tasteful dancing. Continue reading “[Music Review] Miss A’s “Touch””

Miss A’s Touch: Hot or Flop?

I’ve been sort of a fan of Miss A since their debut and that’s mainly for their choreography. One in particular, “Breathe.” The kpop group recently unveiled their latest music video for the song “Touch,” which started out with some kind of Indonesian art form (or is it Egyptian? possibly cos their dancing look so mummified) and I liked that part until the song came … Continue reading Miss A’s Touch: Hot or Flop?

“The DJ Is Mine”

The Wonder Girls have unveiled their latest music video for “The DJ Is Mine,” their second attempt at the English market. While the song is catchy and the choreography is tastefully done, their English pronunciation is still a bit off in some parts. Well, that’s my take on it. What do you think, does Wonder Girls have a chance? And will you be paying attention to their … Continue reading “The DJ Is Mine”

[Review] The Wonder Girls are back!

I’ve always been an avid follower of JYP’s international kpop group, Wonder Girls, so you can only imagine how much I’ve been anticipating their return with some new music. However, I’m just not feeling the lead song, “Be My Baby. The music video is actually well choreographed and as always the ladies look stunning, but I would much rather “Me, in,” the track from their first teaser. Even the bad ass beat from “Be My Baby’s” teaser was much more deserving to be a lead single than the actual song itself. Check it out and continue on with my review:

Continue reading “[Review] The Wonder Girls are back!”

Wonder Girls covers “Nothing On You”


Kpop’s biggest girl group Wonder Girls performed a lovely rendition of B.o.B‘s “Nothing On You” featuring Bruno Mars, on Billboard’s Mashup Monday. Fans were given a poll on which they had to vote on which song the girls would perform and with 47% of the votes, “Nothing On You” came out on top. Check out the soothing performance below, along with the Q&A section, as well as some behind-the-scene photos. Don’t know about you, but my favorite part is Yubin’s rap.  Continue reading “Wonder Girls covers “Nothing On You””

[Review] Miss A’s “A Class”

JYP sure knows how to put a hit making group together, and he did just that with Miss A. Kpop’s finest has been doing quite well since their debut in July 2010, becoming more successful beyond expectations. The multitalented unit’s first full length album, “A Class”, has topped Korean music charts and reached the hearts of many worldwide; Power vocals, soulful harmonies, ballads, pop numbers and club jams is expected to be on the album. I haven’t been following Miss A since their debut, however they’ve peeked my interest with their “Step Up” EP. Continue reading “[Review] Miss A’s “A Class””

[Review] 2PM’s “Hands Up”

2PM has been in the kpop industry for a few years now and amidst all the drama they’ve previously encountered the group still maintained their innovativeness and a musical style that transitions continuously. The beastly boys return with their second full length album “Hands Up“, containing a mixture of pop, dance, hip hop, and a soulful ballad. The members are becoming more involved in the production of their music, and now demonstrate a certain level of maturity as they continue to evolve. Impressive indeed. Continue reading “[Review] 2PM’s “Hands Up””

J Lim’s a “Golden Lady”

Lim Jeong Hee, who is highly praised as the Korean Alicia Keys for her piano skills and soulful vocals, makes a comeback with her new single and EP “Golden Lady“. The song is a bit far-fetched from her previous ballads, and definitely does not have a sad theme to it. “Golden Lady” is about women empowering themselves and allowing self-confidence to shine from within. It has an urban pop feel to it and I can’t wait to see her live performance. The music video provides humor while playing out the lyrics of the song. Check out the video below and purchase “Golden Lady” mini album here:

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“It Can’t Be Real” for J Lim, but it is for us!

It’s been a little while since it’s release, but South Korean r&b singer Lim Jeong Hee has a beautiful song out called “It Can’t Be Real“. The song is from her first mini album which was released on October 5, 2010. It’s such a beautiful song, and J Lim (as she is otherwise known) is an amazing singer, with all that passion and more. Just watch her live performance of “It Can’t Be Real” below; you are guaranteed to get chills:

Continue reading ““It Can’t Be Real” for J Lim, but it is for us!”