[Review] Kara’s “Step”

Kara is one of those kpop girl groups that maintain a strong fanbase no matter what foolishness they release. Their musical style varies from dance & electro pop, to retro and club. Those are quite entertaining genres, however, since the group’s debut, I’ve never been caught up in their sweet and posh aura. Has there ever been an exception? I’d have to say “Wanna” and … Continue reading [Review] Kara’s “Step”

The truth behind the hits: Underpaid Artists?

I’m very open-minded when it comes to my musical interests, actually I listen to a diverse range of genres. It is such diversity that led me to the discovery of the explosive phenomena called Kpop (Korean Pop Music); if you have no idea what this is, then please Google. Just the mention of artists like 2NE1, Taeyang, BoA, or Super Junior will have me dancing and Continue reading “The truth behind the hits: Underpaid Artists?”