Nylon Pink covers ‘Run Devil Run’

In English. First of all, Nylon Pink is such a girly name for a rock band, but then again it is made up of females only. In case you’re the last to know, ‘Run Devil Run‘ was performed and made popular by Girls Generation but originated by garbage couture empress Ke$ha. Anyways, Β check out the cover and tell us what you think. There’s a voice … Continue reading Nylon Pink covers ‘Run Devil Run’

2011 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet



Stars were either looking hot or a hot mess on the red carpet at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas. The BMAs are given out to music’s most popular artists. The finalists and winners are determined by their rank on the Billboard charts and their “social and streaming activities. The three hour event was packed with hot performances, but despite being an award show it was more like a promotional ground for pop artists to showcase their latest music. Anyways, check out the fashion hits and misses below: Continue reading “2011 Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet”

Britney tries to dance “Til The World Ends”

Ms. Spears has unveiled the full music video for her latest single “Til The World Ends“, after giving fans a 30 second tease earlier this week. The video was like an “I’m A Slave (4 u)” part 2. It was awesome. I liked the underground partying. Effects was cool. The video had great artistic direction and I enjoyed it a lot, except for one obvious thing: Britney Spears looked like she was just learning how to dance. Throughout the entire music video my eyes were stolen by her dancers but not her. There was just no fire. No effort. I feel sad for her ’cause she’s not the way she used to be. C’mon Britney what happened? Did your dance fever wore off? Anyways, check out the music video below and tell us what you think. Continue reading “Britney tries to dance “Til The World Ends””

Plagiarism could be headed her way but “Who Cares?”

Lita, a Thai Kpop newbie, has released her debut EP “Who Cares?“, and while I listened to the mini album I noticed something thats awfully evident, all 5 prior to the last sounds plagiarized. Like the title track for example sounds like Miley Cyrus’ “Can’t Be Tamed“. Take a listen below and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. Overall, I think she has a great voice, the songs, though plagiarized sounds good, but I haven’t seen any promotional activities. Maybe she’s being overlooked? Anyways, check out the tracks below and let us know what you think. Continue reading “Plagiarism could be headed her way but “Who Cares?””

Willow’s “21st Century Girl” is so Ke$ha?

I’m loving Willow Smith‘s new song “21st Century Girl“, however if I’m only listening to the track without watching the music video, I would swear I was listening to Ke$ha. The sound, the lyrics and the vocals are much alike ms. K-money’s style. Anyways, regardless of the reminder, “21st Century Girl” is a hot track nonetheless.Β Can’t wait for her debut album, but I wonder, is “I’ve got no restrictions” lyrics a kid should be singing. Watch the video below and let us know what you think: Continue reading “Willow’s “21st Century Girl” is so Ke$ha?”

Whatcha think bout “Til the World Ends”?

In case you haven’t been following pop news lately, let me update you. Britney Spears has made it official that ‘Til the World Ends” will be her second single from “Femme Fatale“. The new single was actually written by Ke$ha aka K-Money (w/e), and produced by Dr. Luke and Max Martin. I like the song, but I was loving “Inside Out” more. That track definitely … Continue reading Whatcha think bout “Til the World Ends”?

Top Ten Albums I’m Not Into

No Boys Allowed Loud

I don’t know what’s going on with the following list of artists, but their latest albums are just not as explosive in terms of concept, both music and lyrics. These ten albums, in my opinion just lack raw passion. I’ve listened to them all and have found just a few songs or none at all that could save the album. Check out the list below to see who I’m talking about:

Continue reading “Top Ten Albums I’m Not Into”

What Do You Think of Auto-Tune?

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I hear an artist using autotune in their music, to me it’s like they aren’t good singers so they use the proprietary audio processor to adjust their vocals. It disguises or conceals what doesn’t sound good; “Pitch correction” is what critics call it. I much rather go to a concert with singers singing live, rather than listen … Continue reading What Do You Think of Auto-Tune?