[Review] Cherine Anderson’s “JA9.25” Mixtape

Cherine Anderson had her Dancehall soldiers anticipating a debut album, but for today, they can ease their nerves with the mixtape “JA9.25.” It’s quite the birthday surprise, being that the artist decided to celebrate this day by sharing new music with her fans. “JA9.25” features hard hitting beats and aggressive vocal arrangements. Cherine’s sounding stronger than ever; she’s on fire and the flames continue to ignite track after track. Immediately after getting news about this mixtape I just had to take a listen, after which, a review was certain.  Continue reading “[Review] Cherine Anderson’s “JA9.25” Mixtape”

Cherine takes you “where street meets sweet”

Cherine Anderson has been making waves since her debut in the entertainment industry. It’s Dancehall music like no other: a genre that has graced the world with hypnotic dance moves, hot beats and talented artists. However, Cherine sets apart from the rest by delivering a unique sound she describes as “where street meets sweet”. The queen of Dancehall-Soul has come a long way indeed; from impressing audiences with her captivating on screen performance in the popular ‘Dancehall Queen‘, to rocking out at Madison Square Garden, and touring with international artists like Sly & Robbie, John Mayer, and Counting Crows. There is no border Cherine will not cross to take her music to listeners worldwide.

Currently she’s working hard on her debut album and making plans on getting back on the road, but Cherine still managed to take some time out from her busy schedule to give us an interview. Watch the hot new music video for her latest single ‘Make Up Sex‘ below, and check out the exclusive interview to learn more about Cherine’s journey:

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Cherine in ’10’

Fierce, fun, rebellious and sexy. Need I say more to describe this incomparable artist shining from the island that has produced music greats like Bob Marley. Jamaican born Cherine Anderson brings a new flavor to music, fusing her reggae roots with a variety of genres to create one which she now rules. Dancehall-Soul’s reigning queen shows no sign of slowing down, rather she’s consistently evolving and giving her “souldiers” a surprise whenever she hits the stage or releases new music.

Check out Cherine’s ’10 quick’ responses below, you might learn a thing or two:

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Spotlight – Cherine Anderson

Meet Cherine Anderson, a Jamaican actress, reggae/dancehall singer, songwriter and video director. She is most notable for her appearances in the movies “Dancehall Queen” and “One Love“, and also for the song”Kingston State of Mind“.

Cherine has worked with Grammy award winners Sly & Robbie, Sting, Wyclef Jean, Jimmy Cliff, and Michael Franti. She has contributed to several complilations until her 2006 debut single “Good Love“. Later on, she collaborated with the popular Chuck Fenda on the hit single “Coming Over“. The song went to number one on Jamaican Reggae charts, and became popular throughout the caribbean. Continue reading “Spotlight – Cherine Anderson”