Fall shows you should be watching

I know many of our readers are probably tuned in to some new shows this season, as well as to the return of their favorites. Well, here are some interesting shows that I recommend you watch if you aren’t already: Continue reading “Fall shows you should be watching”

“Milk & Honey” is definitely sweet

Milk & Honey” is a new series about love, friendship, chasing your dreams, and dealing with life’s issues along the way. The series is directed by Jeanette McDuffie, written by Dana Gills and Asha Kamali May, and executive produced by actor Idris Elba and Brown Paper Bag productions.  Continue reading ““Milk & Honey” is definitely sweet”

Fine but with kids

I was at the mall today and spotted the finest man on earth.  He was sculpted like a Mandigo warrior,  tall, handsome, tastefully tatted up, his swag was fresh just like his clothes were and I could go on and on.  Women of all ages, races and nationalities were sizing him up too. It was like a vulture scene out there straight from one of the National Geographic scenes.

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