Women and Cheating

Cheating in a relationship proves to be a deal breaker,the beginning to the end of something otherwise good.  The initial trust vested becomes null and void, becomes a thing of the past, in more serious cases ceases to exist.  Nowadays, cheating is not only confined to the physical act of  ‘getting it on’, emotional involvement minus the physical has become part and parcel too. From … Continue reading Women and Cheating

Why men can’t cover their tracks?

Have you ever wondered why is it that men often crumble apart when faced with accusations, while women stay well put together? Well, I’ve thought about it and came up with a few reasons for this. Check out my list below:

1. Women start to investigate once they sense something is wrong, therefore they find a bunch of evidence to place in front of the man (numbers in the pocket, fragrance left on their shirt, lipstick stain, etc) making it difficult for him to lie his way out of it. Continue reading “Why men can’t cover their tracks?”

Giving The GF All Access: Good/Bad Idea?

I’ve been looking at this topic from both a male/female perspective. Of course I leaned more towards the female perspective, being that I am a female. However, I’m not so sure about the girlfriend having all access to her boyfriend’s stuff (in particular, his passwords, his phone, his bank account, etc.) I mean, I wouldn’t want my boyfriend having that much access to those things.

I know you guys are probably thinking by now, what about trust? However, people can sometimes abuse this access for their own advantage. For example, logging into your boyfriend’s e-mail account to check his inbox, or searching his phone to see who he’s calling. Or even using his card at the ATM to take money from his account without his permission (not only is that wrong, it’s a felony).

Continue reading “Giving The GF All Access: Good/Bad Idea?”

A Manipulation-Free Relationship

It is often said that in a relationship, women can be quite manipulative. Often times the manipulation begins on the first date, to the moment you move in together, or even get married.

To manipulate means to influence or control in a clever or devious way; Women try to mold men in a form that lives up to their very high expectations. Like verbally criticizing a certain behavior in order for the man to change his ways, or by making particular gestures that initiate wanting to take the relationship to the next level (marriage).  Continue reading “A Manipulation-Free Relationship”