5 Ways to Beat Back Stress During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you can have a lot on your mind and this stress can feel overwhelming. You’re worried about the health of your baby, how labor’s going to go, what it’s going to be like to balance work and family life and a myriad of other problems. According to this article by the March of Dimes stress can cause you to have trouble sleeping, … Continue reading 5 Ways to Beat Back Stress During Pregnancy

Fight Stress And Come Out Victorious

We live in a world that is moving very quickly. We live rushed lives filled with deadlines, obligations and stress. Our lives became so stressful that it is affecting our bodies, our health. Stress affects your organism, prevents it from releasing toxins, makes your hair fall out, makes you put on weight and much more. I had many issues when it comes to dealing with stress on … Continue reading Fight Stress And Come Out Victorious

Quit “musterbating!”

I remember one of my favorite professors in college gave an informative and hilarious lecture on stress and how people deal with it. He said that often times we can be our own stressors, putting pressure on ourselves to be perfect and mistakeless. Something that really had me tuned in was his discussion on our emotional reaction to stress and that’s when the truth came unraveling before my eyes. My ears popped open to the outpour of some new found knowledge, and if ever I learned anything in that class, it was the fact that we can all “musterbate” and “should on ourselves” sometimes. By the way, Continue reading “Quit “musterbating!””