Lindsay Lands Liz Taylor Role: Is This Her Turning Point?

Its been a while since Lindsay Lohan starred in any thing note worthy film where she could tap into the wonderful actress she’s capable of being, so it’s certainly pleasing to hear she’ll be playing Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime Television Movie “Liz and Dick.” Apparently, the film has been in production since May 2011 and the once troubled star (but now showing signs of upliftment) will channel the internationally known Taylor in this biopic. Continue reading “Lindsay Lands Liz Taylor Role: Is This Her Turning Point?”

Do your friends really like you?

Have you ever taken a step back to truly reflect on your actions or how you fair in the eyes of your friends? I know I have. Often times we as human beings are quick to point the finger and tell others how wrong this is or what they ought to do better, but how do we react when it’s vice versa? Are we to listen to their opinion and acknowledge shady things about our own personalities or do we push it aside and say there’s nothing wrong about our characters? Continue reading “Do your friends really like you?”

Tweet Wars!

There’s nothing more unprofessional than seeing stars tweet unflattering remarks about each other. Why is it that they feel the need to express their distress on twitter of all places? It’s open for public viewing, and the media is just waiting for another tweet drama to stir up. Twitter was once a place to post about your current situation or something you consider to be of great interest. For example, “I ate a cheeseburger today”, or Continue reading “Tweet Wars!”