[Review] Ledisi’s “Pieces of Me”

Ledisi has come a long way in deed. From her 2007 breakthrough “Lost & Found“, to the funky “Turn Me Loose” released in 2009, this Grammy nominated artist has certainly proven that she has a lot to offer. This summer, she’ll be “bringing forth” a piece of herself in the highly anticipated 6th studio album “Pieces of Me”, a record that depicts the creative growth of the artist over the years. The album is being held as the “shining moment” in Ledisi’s career and with each track I can understand why. Her voice is as powerful as ever in delivering soulful r&b numbers that tastes like droplets of honey in your mouth. There’s no way you can get away once Ledisi takes a hold of your heart.  Continue reading “[Review] Ledisi’s “Pieces of Me””