Ludacris is “Representin”

Kelly Rowland adds taste to anything she touches, and her overall presence on Ludacris’ latest single, Representin, was just tastefully done. The track definitely sounds like a Motivation part two but that’s owed to Rico Love, producer of both songs. Anyways, check it out if you haven’t yet.Β  Continue reading Ludacris is “Representin”

“Fast Five” is out!

The fifth installment in “The Fast and The Furious” franchise is finally released, did you watch it? Well, regardless if you did or not the film still topped the weekend box office raking in a sweet $86.2 million. “Fast Five” is just as successful as the previous if not more.
Β What’s even better about the fifth effort is the decision to bring back the original cast members as well as adding hot new line-ups. The movie was very good; I thought maybe they shouldv’e Β ended it at the fourth cause they might tire out fans but “Fast Five” was well directed and worth my eyesight. I recommend that you go see it if you haven’t because it’s guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush. Most importantly ladies, there’s plenty of eye-candy for us to drool over (to be more specific Don Omar & Tyrese Gibson) and tons of hot cars for the guys to admire. Continue reading ““Fast Five” is out!”

Enrique’s “Loving You Tonight”

Enrique Iglesias‘ latest music video for “Tonight (I’m Loving You)” featuring Ludacris has been released for a few days now, but it’s still quite the hot number; not because the song is catchy, but because Enrique is one sexy hunk. This latino prince has got my eyes peeled on him right throughout the video. I didn’t pay attention to anything else up in there.

If you haven’t see the music video, I wish you would. So let me just stop for now and tell you to check it out for yourself below:

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Another “Fast” Movie

It’s official, “Fast Five” is set for a April 2011 release. I guess they figured since the fourth movie did well by reuniting the original cast, that they would do it again, this time Tyrese and Ludacris reprise their roles, as well as a new addition, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. After losing his “action” star reputation by appearing in comedies, Dwayne Johnson wants to get back into the action zone. All except for Michelle Rodriguez will be joining, because of course her character died in the last movie, and there’s no way they could write her back in the way they did Sung Kang‘s character by saying all the events happened before ‘Tokyo Drift” took place.

Well anyways, I for one can never get tired of a movie about street racing and high speed chase (Need for Speed anyone?), and one of it’s filming location is in Brazil, so definitely giving a thumbs up for the fifth installment. Check out the trailer below to ‘feel the rush’ of what’s to come in the movie:

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